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Bolzoni Auramo lift truck attachments in China

Thursday, 20 April 2006 ( #256 )
The remarkable and growing potential of the Chinese lift truck attachments market has motivated Bolzoni Auramo to make major investments in China. The company has opened a new subsidiary and manufacturing plant in the Shanghai area.
The new subsidiary Bolzoni Auramo (Shanghai) Forklift Truck Attachment Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture with TIGER group, one of the biggest players in South East Asia in the materials handling and logistic business and a Bolzoni Auramo distributor in China since 1998. The Bolzoni Auramo branch based in Shanghai is a manufacturing and commercial facility supplying the Chinese and Asian market with fork lift truck attachments, after sales services and spare parts support. The mass production of hook-on side shifter range began in the plant in 2005, while the local production and assembly of other products are under evaluation and test during 2006. The positive market trend and sales results during the first months of 2006 are very encouraging. In fact, the branch sales forecasts have been surpassed during the first quarter of the year.
"The Chinese market is a great opportunity for our group" says Carlo Fallarini, the Bolzoni Auramo group Sales & Marketing Director. "The request for attachments for the forklifts is increasing very fast and the materials handling business is gaining more and more importance, due to the development of new industry and new logistic platforms. The logistic market in China is forecasted to evidence an impressive growth at +29% (average p.a. in the next three years). Our choice to manufacture in China is a strategic decision, because we want to be closer to the market and the needs of the customers".
Bolzoni Auramo is the leading European manufacturer of lift truck attachments, lift tables and hand pallet trucks. The group has 6 manufacturing plants, 16 subsidiaries and a number of independent dealers on all the continents. The product range is the widest in the market, and due to the strong focus on innovation, Bolzoni Auramo is able to provide a handling solution for any type of application. During the next few weeks, Bolzoni SpA will be listed in the Italian Stock Exchange. Click here to visit Bolzoni's ShopFront Click here to visit Bolzoni's Website Ph:+39 0523 55 55 11 Fax:+39 0523 52 40 87