APV Launches New, Innovative Safety Restraint for Mobile Plant

- 9 Jun 2022 ( #1080 )
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Internationally there is an increased focus on workplace safety, particularly aimed at employee safety, injury reduction and elimination of avoidable dangers.

APV Safety Products, an Australian seatbelt and restraint manufacturing company, has designed, tested and manufactured an innovative restraint system for forklifts, mobile plant, agricultural equipment, and construction plant.

The EASI-GRIP Restraint System is designed to make the wearing of seatbelts easy and convenient.

Research showed operators stated that they did not wear seatbelts because they were difficult to find, hard to connect and uncomfortable. Plus, they are on and off a machine several times a day and it just takes too long.

EASI-GRIP has been designed to ‘Present’ the two parts of the seatbelt to the operator just above the hip level. The operator can easily find the belt and connecting buckle and connect it with one movement. The design allows operators to move in the seat for comfort and to turn and look behind, if necessary. When entering the machine cab, the EASI-GRIP arm folds up allowing easy access and exit.

We have had feedback concerning operating machines in bad weather or with rainwear and gloves. EASI-GRIP overcomes the old issues by positioning the connecting parts at hand level, plus the seatbelt connector has a large orange handgrip molding, making connecting easy.

The system is fitted with the necessary electrical connections for use with ignition isolation or seat activation systems. EASI-GRIP is Certified to International safety standards for mobile off-road plant.


How it works:

  1. Seatbelt is "Presented" to the operator. No more searching for the tongue and connecting buckle.
  2. Buckle arm on the access side lifts up for easy entry. Soft moulding material wraps around the body for a secure, comforable fit.
  3. Electric connections compatible for Ignition Isolation Systems, Warning Lights or Monitoring Devices.
  4. Special "Web Cleaning" system on seat belt side to ensure efficient retractor operation. Keeping dirt, gravel and stones out of the unit.
  5. Robust moulding for long term durability and operator comfort. Mounting options to suit all seat types and brands. Complies with vehich fire retardant regulations.
  6. APV Safety Products Seat Tether Straps available to suit seat style, fitment and local regulations.
  7. Kit comes complete with all mounting bolts and full fitment instructions in secure packaging.


Contact APV Safety Products for more information: by email or call +61 3 9355 3355.


APV Safety Products Pty Ltd
Email: send an email 
Web: www.apvsafetyproducts.com 
Australian Phone: 1800 804 588
International Phone: +61 3 9955 5533
New Zealand Phone: 0800 440 703


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