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PBM Battery Chargers - “A complete choice to recharge LITHIUM”

Thursday, 22 October 2020 ( #997 )
PBM's Battery Chargers:
"A complete choice to recharge LITHIUM"
The role of lithium-ion technology in intralogistics is becoming increasingly important: lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, have a long service life, are maintenance-free, extremely energy-efficient and have an impressive charging time. All major forklift truck manufacturers now offer models with a lithium-ion battery. PBM developed a full range of chargers for any Lithium application. Our Lithium High-Frequency technology chargers start from 1KW to 6KW Single phase up to 40 KW 3 phase. HF799, HF1000, HF1400 represent a complete range of battery chargers that are IP65-rated to withstand tough environments. Ability to charge lithium-ion is also available with our CAN-BUS OPTION.
HF9i is the latest generation of High-Frequency charger equipped with SIC-MOSFET Technology. Available for battery voltage up to 500V!
CH9 Universal full digital chopper based for charging all battery types in all environments, outdoor included with a special cabinet IP54 protected. Technology equipped with CAN-BUS Option. Extremely Robust and reliable thanks to high-quality components and redundancy in the power section. Multivoltage module up to 100Kw of power. For more information about these and other PBM products, contact us!
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