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Thursday, 15 October 2020 ( #996 )
Collective Intelligence Group began in 2003 supplying hardware and software to manufacturers, resellers and users of new and used industrial equipment. Since then the company has become a global presence by operating in countries across the world and providing innovative telematics systems such as Forklift iQ360 and Fleet iQ360. We are proud to offer products and services that are having a significant effect on improving operational efficiencies while at the same time helping make workplaces safer for everyone. Ideally suited for existing, new and rental fleets Without doubt, 2020 has been a challenging year, not least in the logistics, distribution and materials handling sector. One notable sea change with the uncertainties of the marketplace is that companies are now looking to either extend their current rental agreements, keep hold of existing machines rather than replace with new, or they are looking at shorter term rental periods. The good news is that irrespective of your situation, and whether you are a company looking to install a new telematics system, or you are a rental company supplying forklifts and want to benefit from having a telematics systems on your fleet, Collective Intelligence will be able to tailor a solution to suit your needs. Our telematics systems are at the cutting edge of technology, but that doesn't mean you need new equipment to benefit from them, on the contrary, they can be easily retrofitted onto existing machines or transferred between equipment when the need arises. This is particularly useful for older machines when breakdowns and reliability issues are more likely. The Forklift iQ360 and Fleet iQ360 systems can help minimise any downtime by allowing for immediate countermeasures to be taken in response to any issues that appear. Not only this, both the Fleet iQ360 and the Forklift iQ360 are ideal systems for those looking to manage their rental fleets. They can provide in-depth information into the interactions between trucks, operators and their whereabouts in real-time. The systems also allow you to keep track of any impacts that have occurred to rental machines via real-time notifications of incidents, as well as prevent unauthorised access of forklift trucks after the period of hire ends. Additionally, Collective Intelligence have created their systems to be transferable so that they can easily fit onto existing machines or be moved from one fleet to another, eliminating the need for a variety of systems for multiple applications. With so many accidents and deaths occurring each year related to forklifts it makes sense to implement extra safety measures to ensure you are looking after your business and your employees. The perfect solution is a system that can not only provide you with key knowledge about your forklift fleet, but that also incorporates enhanced safety and security features to help prevent any sort of accidents in the future. The Collective Intelligence Group and their range of forklift telematics systems deliver the perfect solution. Their systems have been developed to save lives by integrating their forklift telematics technology with the individuals operating the equipment to make the environment more efficient and safer.
The systems The Forklift iQ360 and the Fleet iQ360 telematics systems have been designed to create a safer working environment and save businesses valuable time and money. They provide key information to operations managers such as who is operating the forklifts, as well as their activity, monitoring their efficiency using real-time reports and other key information like impact reports and pre-shift safety checks. This enhanced fleet knowledge isn't just for those with one particular type of equipment, Forklift iQ360 has been designed for mixed fleets of any size, making it the ideal option for those with a variety of different trucks. Likewise, the Fleet iQ360 can be used across mixed fleets and has been developed to optimise productivity for large-scale end users looking for maximum fleet visibility. Even those forklifts that were manufactured without any telematics system can benefit from the Fleet iQ360 and Forklift iQ360. Their technology is entirely separate to the machine and can therefore be added to any equipment being operated in the warehouse, making these forklift telematics systems an ideal option for those who do not currently use any telematics software on their equipment.
Global support With the current global situation, it is more important now than ever to offer support to customers and one area that makes Collective Intelligence stand out is their global support team, who remain fully operational and available to assist their clients wherever possible. Their remote assistance can help in a whole manner of different areas and because the software and their products are designed and developed in-house, they are able to provide a quick response and solution to any issues their customers may encounter. Collective Intelligence have also gone that one step further, building an online knowledge base for customers where they can easily access step-by-step guides that provide even more information on their systems functions. Training also plays a key role in getting the most out of any forklift telematics system and Collective Intelligence provide tailored training to fit an individual business needs, ensuring that the benefits are being maximised by the customer. Developed with the customer All of the forklift telematics systems created by Collective Intelligence are made for the driver, suitable for any forklift and developed with the customer in mind. This is why the range of innovative forklift telematics systems built by Collective Intelligence are the perfect piece of technology to improve the efficiency and safety of forklift fleets across the globe. For more information about their forklift telematics systems please contact Collective Intelligence here. Please also see below the contact information for each of the offices worldwide.
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