The Safe & Stop system from Intella Liftparts

Thursday, 1 October 2020 ( #994 )
The Safe & Stop system distributed by Intella Liftparts is a unique safety accessory which can help prevent forklift/pedestrian accidents. The system works with electric powered forklifts by detecting objects with the CySense ultrasonic detector mounted on the back of the forklift. The unit senses objects and pedestrians and then sends a signal to slow down the forklift. Intella Liftparts is the exclusive distributor for Safe & Stop. Safe & Stop is manufactured in Italy by CyPag. Intella Liftparts has a demo forklift which can be shipped around the country for dealers to see the unit in operation.
Stop forklift accidents: Safe&Stop system from Intella Liftparts | Made in Italy
For more information contact Intella Liftparts on +1 616-796-1288 or by email.
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