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New drive platform debuts

Wednesday, 29 July 2020 ( #985 ) - Albion, MI, United States
Conceptual Innovations'  drive system
Conceptual Innovations' drive system
Conceptual Innovations has released a new Omni-Directional Heavy Duty Drive System able to move up to 40,000 lb. (1,800 kg) and manoeuvre in narrow aisleways. The new technology, based on the company's patent-pending, omni-directional drive, consists of a battery-powered, wirelessly controlled platform which allows manufacturers to bypass the use of expensive cranes and forklifts that only certain staff are trained to operate. The platform can move even the most delicate parts, such as an airplane fuselage, and position them precisely. The omni-directional platform, originally designed to transport the hull of a military vehicle, has been used by automobile manufacturers, spacecraft engineers and the marine industry. Engineers designed the platform so that it's affordable and easy to transport, fitting snugly on a flat-bed truck for convenient shipment across the country. "The platform and cart provide a safer, more efficient work environment," says Elmer Lee, director of engineering for Conceptual Innovations. "It's fully customisable and something we can produce with the capabilities of our plant in Albion. Such technology has only been available in Europe and Asia, making it an expensive alternative for many US manufacturers until now." Conceptual Innovations is an engineering, consulting and custom manufacturing service that focuses on delivering cost-effective, technical solutions.