Mobicon's Low Axle Weights Save Yard Repairs

Thursday, 26 March 2020 ( #967 )
Mobicon Straddle Carriers excel in having extreme low axle weights. Mobicons axle weights are around half of any other container handler in the world. Only Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers are designed with 4 axles with a load equalising bogey at each of the four corners. There is also load equalising between the corners. This allows even distribution of the weight, avoiding breakup and damaging a yard like large forklifts, reach-stackers, and other straddle carriers do. Mobicons, with their low self-weight and extreme low axle weights, have operated for years in many yards without damaging the surface. Other brand Straddle Carriers after working in the same yards damaged their surface, sometimes after operating on them for only a few weeks. The reason is easily explained: Container handler with a 20-40 spreader, carrying a 26 Tonne container:
Type of Container Handle
Axle loads
Mobicon 2HLs (with spreader), 4 axle straddle carrier
13.5 Tonne
Straddle Carrier with 1.5 axle (three-wheeler)
50* Tonne
Straddle Carrier with 2 axles
27* Tonne
Container Forklift*
80* Tonne
Reach Stacker*
90* Tonne
THE IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Check the strength and thickness of your yard before buying a Straddle Carrier or any container handler to avoid costly yard damage.
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