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Getting to know Travis Bradley

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 ( #952 ) - Fort Worth, TX, United States
Former Toyota employee Travis Bradley recently joined Shoppa's Material Handling, one of the largest Toyota forklift distributors throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, North Texas and Kansas City, Missouri, as business operations associate.

Forkliftaction News spoke to Bradley to find out a bit more about him.

FLA: Prior to this appointment, what has been your biggest achievement?
TB: Prior to Shoppa's, my biggest achievement was being a part of the Toyota Material Handling team in Columbus, Indiana as a shop floor leader. It was a never-ending challenge (and one I immensely enjoyed!) to constantly improve key performance indicators and strive for keeping the biggest share of the market by building quality into the processes.

FLA: What excites you most about the materials handling industry?
TB: One of the most exciting parts of working in the materials handling industry is knowing you are helping to improve, not only your own facility, but also the customers' ability to meet their goals and expectations. It also is exciting to work with so many people with different skill sets in accomplishing the same goal of best-in-class by customer satisfaction.

FLA: What is the most significant change you have seen in the industry in your time?
TB: The most significant change I have seen is with the introduction and implementation of Toyota Lean Management principles. When they are used in a facility, the planning and improvements significantly improve the culture.

FLA: What is the biggest opportunity that you see in your new role?
TB: The biggest opportunity I see in my new role is in delivering tools to help everyone become an engaged active member of the team. The tools will help everyone communicate and know what standard we hold ourselves accountable to achieve - and how we are going to reach those goals together.

FLA: Can you share one piece of information about yourself which would surprise our readers?
TB: A fun fact about myself is that I have a grand plan to retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand one day.
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