Tailift and Toyota Joint Venture in the Material Handling Industry

Thursday, 19 September 2019 ( #941 )
In 2015, the Tailift Group completed a joint venture with Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) and became a member of the Toyota Industries Group. With the joint venture, the Toyota Industries Group provides Tailift / Global Power with technical expertise in a variety of areas such as product manufacturing and quality improvement. Continuous improvements in existing products as well as new products are scheduled, bringing more features, enhanced reliability and higher price-performance ratio. The origin of the Tailift Group dates back to 1973 in the machining tools industry in Taiwan. The Taiwanese company began designing and manufacturing forklifts in 1987 under the Tailift brand and holds multiple patents. In 2000, Tailift's China division: Global-Power Co., Ltd., is established, manufacturing and selling forklifts under the Tailift brand in domestic China and the CT Power brand for export*. Please stay tuned and visit Tailift's website for more announcements and updates:
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