Bolzoni Auramo: More Efficiency in the Forest Products Handling

Thursday, 9 May 2019 ( #922 )
The new and constantly developing papermaking, printing and converting processes set higher demands for the quality and efficiency of paper roll and bale handling. The logistic paper handling chain is looking for improved solutions. Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has a complete range of clamps for efficient and damage-free handling of Forest Products through the logistic chain. For more than 70 years Bolzoni Auramo has been working worldwide in close co-operation with the paper industries, always finding better handling solutions.
Tilting paper roll clamp, for horizontal and vertical handling.
Tilting paper roll clamp, for horizontal and vertical handling.
Bolzoni Auramo has developed a special "philosophy" of the handling cycle of paper, taking care of any phase of transportation, from the production to the end user: it is not just a matter of delivering a tool to move paper, but to care about products avoiding damages to the product or -in case- to detect and monitor the damages. "This special care for paper bases its roots in our culture'' says Lars Petersson, President at Auramo OY, based in Finland, responsible for the Bolzoni Auramo paper handling division. ''Finland is the most forested country in Europe, (with over sixteen times more forest per capita on average) and wood and forestry products are at the heart of our culture. Futhermore, we have a strong concentration of university research teams working on subjects closely related to forestry, mechanical processing of wood and paper and pulp manufacture.'' The clamps range With more than 500 paper roll clamp models listed on the catalogue, and about 280 pulp and waste paper bale clamp models, Bolzoni Auramo and its sales engineers are able to advise, support and deliver first class paper handling solutions.
Waste paper bale handling.
Waste paper bale handling.
Heavy harbour roll handling
Heavy harbour roll handling
The range of paper roll clamps offers capacities from 1300 kg up to 12.000 kg and is articulated in the following versions:
  • 180� and 360� Rotating paper roll clamps, with single arm for the handling of one roll, or split long arm for the handling super jumbo rolls or up to 4 rolls at the same time. 180� and 360� rotation models available. In this category we have Jumbo-roll clamps and Tissue-roll clamps.
  • Tilting paper roll clamps, for horizontal and vertical handling of the rolls (for example, unloading a train wagon and stocking the rolls vertically.
  • 180� Rotating and Tilting paper roll clamps, representing the most versatile solution for all types of handling.
  • Non rotating paper roll clamps for the handling of several units, both on top of each other and/or side by side.
  • Paper roll clamps with parallel arms, still designed to handle several rolls.
  • Intelligent clamps, equipped with electronic devices automatically adjusting the clamping force to the minimum suitable pressure for the handling of the roll. The intelligent clamps come from 20 years experience and use the latest microprocessors technologies.
Corner guards to protect rolls near aisles.
Corner guards to protect rolls near aisles.
Furthermore, the clamps have dedicated contact pads. These are one of the most critical items, as they must ensure the most effective grip without damages to the rolls. The range offered is then very wide, in order to cover the handling of the most common types of paper:
  • cast pads, for the softer paper grades,
  • steel-sprayed pads, good for practically all paper grades,
  • rubber-faced pads, for more delicate paper,
  • polyurethane-faced pads, for a non-marking handling,
  • tissue pads, characterized by oversized rubber surface for the safe handling of this soft type of paper.
Other complements to the range are the damage detection and prevention tools, such as:
  • The "Spider", is an electronic device to exactly measure the out-of- roundness of the rolls. The measurements can be visualized by connecting the device to a monitor or computer.
  • The "Spy" is an acceleration measurement device. Practically it measures and records all the incidents directed to the load (practically the shocks) which can be downloaded on a PC for analysis.
  • Corner guards, to protect the rolls stocked near the aisles in the warehouses.
  • Preset pressure relief valves and mast tilt indicator, for a perfectly vertical stocking of rolls.
The range of pulp bale and waste paper clamps offers capacities form 1000 kg up to 10.000 kg. These are available also in 360� rotating version.
  • Pulp bale clamps are normally designed to carry 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 pulp bale units at a time.
  • Waste paper bale clamps, hard handling application, with increased protection against wear and tear.
Heavy pulp bale handling.
Heavy pulp bale handling.
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