Cascade's High-Performance J-Series Carton Clamps

Thursday, 9 May 2019 ( #922 )
Cascade J-Series White Goods Clamp
Cascade J-Series White Goods Clamp
The packaging world is an ever-changing industry that faces high consumer demand. Luckily, Cascade Corporation is right there, working alongside top brands, distributors and manufacturers to keep businesses running smoothly with the best material handling solutions on the market. To help our customers around the globe succeed, we are proud to offer the Cascade J-Series family of Carton Clamps. These versatile and efficient clamps provide superior pallet-less handling for a wide variety of load types, including white goods, electronics, packaged foods, paper products, beverages and more. Watch our latest video to see the J-Series Carton Clamps in action:

Cascade's J-Series Carton Clamps

These powerful clamps continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of major retailers worldwide. With optimized design features like enhanced visibility and efficient hydraulic systems, operating a Cascade Carton Clamp is smooth and fast. High quality engineering ensures that every Carton Clamp delivers optimal clamp force distribution for reduced damage when handling low-, medium- and high-density products. J-Series Carton Clamps are built to offer the handling that you need, with a range of capacities to suit any demand and options that allow you to handle single items or multiple unit loads. Even when working with specialized applications, there's a Cascade clamp that can get the job done. Whether it's knifing between tightly stacked loads or rotating loads, you can rely on our Razorback, Appliance, Doublewide, Tipping, and custom clamps. Contact Cascade today for more information on the J-Series Carton Clamps. If you're interested in the efficient and reliable handling offered by these advanced attachments, you can request a demo or discuss the possibilities with a member of our experienced sales team. Cascade even offers a full range of damage reduction accessories for Carton Clamps to maximize your productivity and improve deliverability. No matter the application, we can help you find the solution that fits.
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