Xtender Battery Regenerator from FSIP

Thursday, 23 May 2019 ( #924 )
Xtender Model M1007
Xtender Model M1007
Flight Systems Industrial Products offers the all-in-one solution for regenerating deep cycle batteries. The Xtender Battery Regenerator uses a high frequency pulsation process to remove hard lead sulfate crystals that accumulate inside the battery. Due to the nature of lead acid batteries, they will accumulate these sulfate crystals over time. However, sulfation occurs more quickly due to lack of proper maintenance, incorrect charging and inactivity. When a battery becomes sulfated, it can cause a significant decrease in battery life and produce unwanted heat. That is why regular battery maintenance is so important. The Xtender is able to increase capacity and efficiency by using patented desulfation pulses in conjunction with multiple regeneration algorithms. This process reverts the sulfate crystals to a liquid form and returns them to the electrolyte. Once programmed, the Xtender is completely automated allowing the machine to run unattended until the cycle is complete. FSIP offers a two-week training and demonstration program for the Xtender where specialists will demonstrate how to operate and program the machine, as well as read battery health analysis reports. Having a two-week trial period allows ample time to restore multiple batteries and get familiar with the regeneration process. There is also a rental option for the Xtender. This is ideal for customers with seasonal needs. Although the Xtender stands as an all-in-one machine for charging and discharging, it can be paired with the Smart Discharger and/or Battery Monitoring System (BMS) for enhanced results. The Smart Discharger can be utilized as a load bank for the Xtender allowing a quicker discharge cycle. Incorporating the BMS allows data about the health of each individual cell to be gathered wirelessly. The Xtender functions as the "brain" of the process by controlling the supplemental machines. However, each component can be used individually. The data gathered during the cycling of the battery can be imported to Integrated Monitor to display the health of the battery. Integrated Monitor is software downloadable from Don't let sulfation get the best of your battery. Let the Xtender revitalize it. Call FSIP at 1-800-333-1194 to experience the Xtender Battery Regenerator today.
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