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JCB Teletruk goes electric

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 ( #920 ) - Rocester, United Kingdom
JCB's electric 30-19E
JCB's electric 30-19E
JCB has expanded its Teletruk range with the launch of an electric model.

JCB's new JCB 30-19E is the first electric-powered model in the Teletruk range and its launch opens up new opportunities for a machine which has revolutionised operations in builders' merchants, ports, recycling centres and industrial facilities around the world.

Until now, Teletruks have been powered by diesel and LPG and used predominantly in outdoor applications. With the launch of the new electric model, the Teletruk now becomes suited for a wealth of tasks inside buildings as well as outside - offering a new generation of customers the cost and space-saving advantages enjoyed by users over the past two decades.

JCB chief innovation officer Tim Burnhope says: "When the JCB Teletruk was first launched, it challenged conventional thinking and, as well as offering a better way of doing things, it disrupted an established, mature market.

"It was an innovation with true purpose and one which brought real advantages to our customers.

"We are hugely excited at the opportunities presented with the launch of an electric-powered Teletruk because it opens up so many new markets for us."

JCB industrial generalmanager Paul Murray says the company originally developed the Teletruk in response to market requirements for a lift truck with the ability to load a wide range of delivery vehicles quickly and safely in the most space-efficient way.

"With the launch of the JCB 30-19E, JCB has responded to the demands of the market for an electric-powered Teletruk that can operate both inside and outside a building," he adds.
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