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US poultry market has new Manitou dealer

Thursday, 3 March 2005 ( #198 ) - WACO, TX, United States
By US correspondent Roger Renstrom Modern Group Ltd, of Beaumont, Texas, has succeeded Bright Coop Inc, of Nacoghoches, Texas, as Manitou North America Inc's forklift dealer for the American poultry industry ( News #197). Modern's Livehaul Division general manager Orain Tubbs said the division anticipated adding 15 to 20 employees for sales, service, shipping and customer relations under the February 1 agreement. "Our 36-month goal is to develop the (forklift) market," Tubbs said. He said forklifts enhance the division's business model. The livehaul division currently employed 40 people to sell galvanised metal cages, cage-hauling trailers and dumper units to the US, Mexican and Canadian poultry industries. Manitou NA director of sales and marketing Ed Ugolini said Manitou was taking the necessary steps to increase its market share in the US. Manitou NA, based in Waco, Texas, is a subsidiary of Manitou BF SA, of Ancenis Cedex, France that engineers and manufactures rough terrain four- and three-wheel-drive forklifts for live haul applications. Modern Group operates eight US factories that manufacture systems, containers and equipment for petrochemical, agricultural, transport, construction, waste and environmental and marine and offshore applications.