It is difficult to manage something that you can not measure!

Thursday, 7 June 2018 ( #875 )
Different modules
Different modules
Whether your fleet is composed of 5, 50 or 500 machines, you will discover the many benefits that OptaFleet fleet management brings to your business. FLEET MANAGEMENT IMPROVES OUR WAY TO WORK Not easy to manage a fleet of industrial vehicles in a company! Each vehicle represents, in addition to the cost of purchase or lease, operating costs, "out-of-contract" costs, maintenance costs and repair costs. Repairs that come mainly from accidents on these materials. Accidents in the workplace, not only represent a very important cost, but can also and above all engage the civil and criminal liability of the head of establishment. Knowing who, when, and why these accidents occurred, is always subject to endless discussions. We must find ways to secure the driver, the equipment and its environment. The OptaFleet system provides you with the information you need to manage your industrial machinery / vehicles. A good fleet management system indicates to you at any time the positions, the activities, the performances and any kind of special events that may have occurred with vehicles or drivers.
Truck Event Possibilities
Truck Event Possibilities
With this information you will be able to better organize the activities, resize the vehicle fleet depending on the engagement of the trucks and strongly reduce downtime and thus costs. The OptaFleet system not only grants you real time access to the fleet information but also to the data for improving work flows, increasing productivity or reducing operating costs. As a result, of course, there will be increased profitability, and an improvement in customer satisfaction. In addition, companies will also, and above all, optimize the safety of their drivers, lower equipment accidents and minimize critical and dangerous events and its related costs. OPTAFLEET IS OUR WORLD-RENOWNED FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. Thanks to OptaFleet, be connected! Hundreds of companies around the world have trusted us to manage their fleets and thousands of machines are equipped, to go further, together. This modular system and independent system is adaptable to any kind of make or model of vehicle with electric or combustion engine, we work directly with OEM customers as well as the retrofit market, the OptaFleet system has been designed to work in an industrial environment.
Package solutions
Package solutions
By connecting your office to your machines and drivers, OptaFleet allows you to consult in real time, all the activities of your fleet : machine status via the checklist before starting the machine, state of impacts, hour meters, position of the machine..... and many more parameters. You can display this information in real time, on an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, giving you all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) as well as the localization of the vehicle. The web interface has a very power full reporting module that allows you to run any of the available reports that are already existing. The reports can be exported in any desired format like PDF, DOC, XLS, CSV etc.
With the report scheduler you can set-up automatic report creation at programmed time intervals, and you will find the created reports in your Email inbox in PDF or CSV format. With this data, you can make the right decisions for your business, based on real, factual facts. LIST OF FUNCTIONS
    Key Reader
    Key Reader
  • Access control
  • Driver authorization management and automatic expiration alert
  • Safety checklist before use
  • Remote management of accreditations
  • Impact detection through intelligent 3-axis impact sensor
  • Fully customizable activity reports
  • Real-time communication and e-mail notifications
  • Planning of maintenance operations and follow-up of interventions
  • Planning of vehicle technical annual or bi-annual checks
    New Display
    New Display
  • Access via a web platform
  • Compatible with all types of equipment, and all brands
  • No software to install
  • Decrease the costs of damages and maintenance
  • Better management of vehicle lease periods
  • Automatic vehicle shutdown after programmable period of non usage
  • Real hour meter readings (3 possible)
  • Measurement of material utilization rate
  • Management of maintenance periods and Driving license
  • Prevents access to unauthorized persons (empowerment)
  • Alert by immediate email in case of anomaly
  • Alarm in case of speedy driving with high lift height
  • Possibility to indicate the speed at impact (30 sec. before impact and 1min. after)
  • Alarm in case of overload
  • Check-List screen before startup
  • Detecting whether truck travels loaded or unloaded
  • There are 9 inputs on the system capable of measuring frequencies, digital and analogue signals
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