Thursday, 4 November 2004 ( #182 )
Just like our quality TUFF TRUK bags used for shipping protection, DURASHIELD *Outdoor Storage* Bags Will Keep Safe And Preserve Your Lift Trucks, Long-Term, Up To One Year! DURASHIELD industrial shrinkwrap products come with a rust inhibitor as well as a UV inhibitor additive. These inhibitors prevent corrosion and the sun's ultraviolet rays from damaging your equipment. Protect your rental fleet, used & refurbished trade-ins as well as new lift trucks that must be stored outdoors due to lack of warehouse space. In addition to outdoor protection, our shrink bags are ideal for export shipping of new and used lift trucks. Salt air and water can cause critical corrosion problems with overseas shipments, particularly with used equipment. We also offer our DURASHIELD *OUTDOOR STORAGE* formula in sheeting form (20 ft. x 100 ft.). This is used specifically for larger oversized lift trucks that are shipped either up-right or knocked-down on skids. Another 2004 innovation is our IN & OUT Access Zippers which allow users to enter the controls compartment after the lift truck is shrinkwrapped. This product is especially helpful when shrinkwrapping is done the day before a lift truck is shipped. Loading and unloading can now be accomplished without having to cut through the shrink film to manipulate the operating controls to move the vehicle. Lastly, for those who are not familiar with the "heat applied" shrinkwrapping process, please visit our web link and for material handling professionals for pricing and ordering information. "Don't Let The Weather Cost You - Safeguard Your Valuable Assets."