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Forklift safety products checklist

Thursday, 19 August 2004 ( #171 ) - MOBILE, AL, United States
TVH Australasia's
TVH Australasia's "Fork Butler"
How many of these products does your company use to improve forklift safety?
(This list was compiled for Forkliftaction.com News by Universal Fleet Services (UFS). UFS specialises in forklift and rolling stock procurement and management for Fortune 1000 companies with multiple locations.)

* Load back-rests
* Operator restraint systems
* Driving lights - forward and reverse
* Turn signals, reversing lights and brake lights
* Operator mirrors
* Fire extinguishers
* Motion alarm systems - reverse, forward or both
* Strobe lights
* Operator access improvements - steps and entry handles
* Semi-suspended and fully-suspended seats - with lumbar support
* Seats with side swivel
* LPG tank filling options - swing out/down brackets
* Throttle control devices
* LPS/GS/EE safety package including electrical emergency disconnect device
* Auto-levelling devices
* Impact monitoring systems
* Operator identification systems
* Remote monitoring equipment
* Catalytic exhaust systems and other environmental exhaust improvements
* Special exhaust and cooling system options
* Electric forklifts with AC control systems
* Operator tether and belt for order-picking equipment
* Mast guards for reach trucks and order-picking equipment
* Emergency lowering system for order-picking equipment
* Non-skid platform for order-picking equipment
* Engine shutdown devices

UFS also recommends the following steps to improve forklift safety:
* Ensure capacity ratings plates are updated should an attachment be added or modified
* Use electronic scales if there are doubts about whether a forklift is within the capacity ratings
* Ensure refuelling stations are designed and maintained to meet OSHA standards, at a minimum
* Note the shelf-life of LP tanks and ensure they are routinely cycled
* Use reversing alarms in areas of high pedestrian traffic
* Choose the best possible lighting option because lighting helps identify obstacles before they become problems.

TruckLOG system slashes damage and repair bill
BRAMLEY, United Kingdom
Davis Derby's TruckLOG System for forklifts has reportedly cut repair costs at soft drink maker Britvic's Bramley, Leeds, site by up to 80%.
The Bramley fleet includes 11 forklifts, four pedestrian trucks and one pallet stacker.
The TruckLOG system monitors, measures and controls events in key forklift operational areas and provides essential information for effective fleet management.
Mick Sharp, logistics training coordinator at the Britvic site, said forklift drivers had become more accountable and more proactive in reporting accidents.
"Savings are evident already and since installing the system in November, 2002, we have spent less than GBP300 (USD552) on repairs to our fleet.
"This is a saving of about 80% on our normal repair costs.
"We have also seen a 20-25% reduction in rack and goods damage since installing the system."

Australian safety monitoring innovations
SYDNEY, Australia
Australian innovators have produced a range of electronic monitors that contribute to safer forklift operation.
One is the "BOSS" global positioning reporting system, developed by Australian forklift supplier Powerlift.
Operated via satellite, the BOSS system allows management to monitor driver usage, machinery usage, length of operation and the speed and impact strength of collisions.
Another system is Smart Speed, which allows forklift velocity to be pre-set for inside or outside usage.
Another innovation, developed by Melbourne-based OZweigh, is the Buddy monitoring system, designed to ensure driver accountability, as well as logging machine hours .
Apart from alerting supervisors when operators drive too fast or recklessly, the system can also ensure one forklift is not driven 50 hours a week while another is only being used for 10 hours.
OZweigh director Collin White told Forkliftaction.com News the company had sold 50 Buddy systems to paper packaging company Amcor.
"We are also working with Nissan to incorporate a radio frequency identification function into the Buddy system to provide an integrated load-weighing and tracking capability," he said.
Another popular product is the Fork-Alert system from Melbourne-based Amskan.
Consisting of a beacon aboard the forklift, a receiver, a warning light and a siren, Fork-Alert signals the presence of a forklift near a "danger zone" - usually a doorway used by pedestrians.
Fork-Alert's makers say the system cannot be activated accidentally, giving it an edge over other products based on motion sensors, passive infra-red beams or ground induction loops.

Kastalon protects the goods - not just the driver
ALSIP, IL, United States
US after-market accessories supplier Kastalon has developed a polyurethane product designed to reduce damage to goods being transported by forklift.
The Kastalon "Fork-Kushion" is fitted to upright forklift masts and offers resilient and durable protection from marring, denting and other forms of damage to fragile goods.
The unique structure of the Fork-Kushion offers vibration deadening without compromising load capacity.
Kastalon also offers polyurethane crane bumpers in a range of sizes, which do not require the same sort of maintenance as spring and hydraulic bumpers.
The company claims its bumpers last longer than rubber or wood alternatives, and are not affected by ozone, grease, oil or changes in temperature.

TVH 'fork butler' lightens the load
BRISBANE, Australia
TVH Australasia has produced a new product called the "fork butler", designed to easily transport fork tynes of up to 80kg.
Still in prototype stage, the single-handle, metal-box trolley device on small rubber wheels helps prevent back, shoulder and neck strain as well as finger-pinch injuries.
The fork tyne slides into the metal box and, once balanced, can be wheeled along with minimal effort, allowing the tyne to be easily fitted to, or removed from, the forklift.
TVH is also marketing a new type of safety barrier designed to prevent a forklift driver being thrown from the cabin in a rollover.
Other innovative products in the company's range include all-weather reserving alarms and cameras designed to enhance visibility for operation at height or while reversing.
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