Marangoni keeps satisfying top performance expectations

Thursday, 25 June 2015 ( #724 )
Eltor EVO
Eltor EVO
As a relevant part of their continuous improvement plan, Marangoni Industrial Tyres has recently launched the new solid tyre range called Eltor EVO. 'Eltor EVO' sees the result of continuous development for best performance, or the 'evolution' of the respected Eltor range. Over the years, Eltor has delivered top performance indicators in terms of running hours, comfort and safety. The Eltor EVO adds several important features to its predecessors:
  • lower rolling resistance
  • longer life
  • higher safety
These new extra features have been developed after important technical market investigations, carried out in cooperation with important end users and premium fork lift producers. The Eltor EVO has been studied in Italy where the R&D centre of the Marangoni Group is based. The insights from premium fork lift producers have been valuable in confirming Marangoni's target performances. Minimizing the rolling resistance first of all means increasing the fork lift efficiency thanks to a lower heat generation that positively impacts upon the energy consumed. The real benefit of this is longer battery life for the Electric Forklift, less stops for refuelling for the Internal Combustion ones. Longer life, of course, means a lower cost per hour and reduced fork lift stops for tyre replacement. Eltor EVO's longer life is delivered by some key design features with the 60J positioned on a smaller diameter, and specific compounds produced exclusively using the best raw materials allowed by European Union directives. Our tests show that this new range can withstand a high number of working hours: 10% more compared to other premium products. Less replacements mean less CO2 emissions, which is beneficial for the environment. Eltor EVO therefore satisfies the forklift owner, as they will save money on cost per hour, the logistic managers, as the forklift will run more, and the drivers, because of the comfort and safety of the product. Lorenzo Stringari, Business Unit Director, states, 'We are extremely proud to say that this product is one of the most advanced forklift tyres within the industry today, in fact we decided to call it Eltor EVO as it represents the very best in performance growing out of the evolution of the long time successful products 'Eltor 3' and 'Eltor 5'.' Lorenzo continues, 'Our important goal now is to optimize the availability of the Eltor EVO, throughout the markets where we are present. This is to make sure that the users looking for top performing tyres will be satisfied. Another important goal is to train our direct and indirect service force in the markets, in order to manage in the best way the premium positioning of the Eltor EVO, in line with the performances delivered and the status acquired by being mounted on some of the most technological Forklifts available in the market.' The launch of Eltor EVO, within all the other ranges offered by Marangoni, confirms the determination of the producer to keep playing a key role in the top suppliers of the Industrial tyre segments. Visit our new Eltor EVO website
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