Reliable, efficient, clean, comfortable, secure: the new MI 50 has got it all

Thursday, 30 April 2015 ( #716 )
MI 50 G
MI 50 G
The 5 tons -LPZ powered industrial truck from Manitou will provide you with 5 major benefits! N°1 - RELIABILITY: new durable & resistant components, reinforcement of the structure and frames. N°2 - ENERGY SAVING: dynamic load sensing steering hydraulic system, energy-efficient lighting system, low gas consumption. N°3 - ENVIRONNMENTAL PROTECTION: adoption of clean and efficient engine, as well as a large number of environmentally-friendly materials. N°4 - OPERATOR COMFORT: vibration reduction, more space for the driver in the cab, lots of technical improvements to increase operator's comfort and visibility. N°5 - SECURITY: uses a combination of security technologies such as new seat with belts and sensing system.
'Simplicity in the conception, in the use and in the maintenance, make this forklift truck a reliable and productivist solution adapted to the needs for industrial uses.' - Patrick LARIDAN, Product Line Manager for Mast trucks.
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