Maintain your safe work reputation with leading driver awareness system

Thursday, 4 September 2014 ( #683 )
Typically in a workplace where vehicles and pedestrians are in close proximity, safety between vehicles is enhanced by a set of traffic rules that rely on human compliance (such as give way rules). Often this reliance on drivers to obey the rules, make correct judgments or see vehicles in their path is not enough. However, to all these difficulties there is remedy; BodyGuard "iTAG" provides an exclusion zone around the vehicle that is adjustable from around 2m to 7m. When a person wearing a special "iTag" device is detected, the driver is warned by an audible and visual alarm in the cab, giving an opportunity to avoid an incident. Improve workplace safety | Reduce downtime | Avoid costly investigations | Maintain your safe work reputation. For more information go to, or send an email.