The new Cat® EP40-50 range is all about heavy duty efficiency

Thursday, 26 June 2014 ( #673 )
The new Cat® EP40-50 as strong as an IC truck. Click for larger view.
The new Cat® EP40-50 as strong as an IC truck. Click for larger view.
The latest 4 to 5 tonne electric counterbalance range from Cat® Lift Trucks has been designed to offer a very efficient and cost-effective alternative in situations that would normally require an IC engine truck.

Power and economy

While the power of the Cat® EP40-50(C)(S)2 range is impressive, 'intelligent design' has at the same time reduced its energy consumption by up to 25%. As a result, most businesses will be able to run the trucks for two shifts on a single charge. Major factors in achieving this include a compact component layout, which also saves on material costs, and use of the market's most advanced AC control system yet.

Long-life components such as maintenance-free wet disc brakes, together with sealing of motors and electrical connectors to IP54 standard against rain, splashing water, mud and dust, ensure trouble-free operation even in harsh environments. Component wear can also avoided through the ECO and PRO pack options, which match the truck to its application by providing the most appropriate performance-enhancing features.

Another aid to extending truck life is the premium display, fitted as standard to all models, which ensures clear operator awareness of truck status and encourages correct use and maintenance.

Lateral battery extraction can be used with the ergonomic adapter option for safe installation and locking. This allows the easiest and quickest battery exchanges in the industry, helping to keep trucks in constant productive motion.

Comfort and protection

Ergonomics and space for the operator are crucial. Click for larger view.
Ergonomics and space for the operator are crucial. Click for larger view.
Operators will enjoy the high-comfort floating cabin, which has a spacious floor, a fully adjustable, full-suspension seat and a compact steering wheel on a column with both telescopic and tilt adjustment. There is a choice between standard hydrostatic steering and the option of parametric electronic steering, for the ultimate in effortless precision.

An adjustable armrest places the hydraulic controls - a fingertip unit or, optionally, a joystick - in the perfect position for each operator. Other operator-friendly touches include a full-length convenience tray.

Operators are protected by the truck's robust construction and by a comprehensive collection of automated assistance features. They include access control, an anti-rollback function, an automatic parking brake, and automatic speed adjustment via drive and lift control and curve control. Various extra lighting aids, mirrors and other accessories are available as options to meet different practical and safety needs.

The Cat EP40-50(C)(S)2 range is suited to many different industries and is able to use a wide variety of heavy attachments. In total there are seven models to choose from, including compact versions.

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