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Kalmar demos prototype at port

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 ( #651 ) - Livorno, Italy
Kalmar has demonstrated a prototype reach stacker at an Italian port.
Kalmar has demonstrated a prototype reach stacker at an Italian port.
Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has demonstrated a new dual-fuel diesel and LNG-powered reach stacker at the Port of Livorno in Italy.

The prototype machine was created in partnership with Kalmar customer Global Service, an Italian equipment rental firm that is the leader of a pilot program.

Director Stefan Johansson says Kalmar has been driving innovation in reach stackers since the 1980s, when it commercialised the first generation of reach stackers.

"Last year we introduced Gloria, our fifth generation reach stacker, which represents a milestone in reach stacker productivity and performance. This dual-fuel machine is expected to offer customers an alternative for moving cargo in a more energy-efficient way as well as cutting down emissions at the terminal."

Johansson says using LNG as fuel is a "future trend in the vehicle and shipping industries" to reduce the exhaust emissions.

"When more and more ports will have LNG available, there will be possibilities to run other terminal products on LNG. LNG will reduce the carbon footprint and there are expectations [of] lower operation cost per hour. The demonstration unit shows up to 20% lower fuel cost per hour," he says.

LNG is natural gas, mostly methane, which has been cryogenically super-cooled and condensed into liquid form for storage and transport. It is lighter than air, so when it leaks, it evaporates into the atmosphere.

The pilot is part of a Greencranes project aimed at developing green technologies and eco-efficient alternatives for port container terminals. Other participants in the pilot are the PerCro laboratory of the Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant'Anna, Livorno Port Authority, RINA Group and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The project is co-funded by the European Union's Trans-European Transport Network program.
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