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European market demand recovers

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 ( #591 ) - Brussels, Belgium
The European industrial truck market experienced a strong upturn, with further recovery in demand last year, driven mainly by replacement purchases. According to statistics by the Federation of European Materials Handling (FEM), all types of industrial trucks contributed significantly, with growth of forklifts exceeding warehouse truck growth. The overall picture was positive, but the situation was mixed in Europe's larger markets. Demand in Germany, France and the UK remained strong, with Germany even surpassing pre-financial crisis peak market volumes. In contrast, FEM says market growth in Italy and Spain remained static. Eastern European markets' positive trend continued, with Russia as the main driver. The top five customer industries for European industrial trucks in 2011 were other trading/retailing industries (18%), transport and logistics (15%), trading with food and beverages (13%), other manufacturing industries (12%) and services (10%).