New way to handle white goods with Bolzoni Auramo I-MOVE

- 5 Jul 2012 ( #572 )
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Lift truck manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has recently introduced the Intelligent Carton and Appliances Clamp i- MOVE model, designed for safe and damage-free palletless handling of white goods and high-volume carton boxes in appliance and electronics, warehousing and beverage industries.

Incorrect clamping force is one of the main reasons causing load and/or packaging damage in the white goods industry. Clamping force must be adjusted to suit the requirements of the logistic handling chain. In principle each load and each handling operation would require a specific clamping force setting. This is impossible without an automatic, intelligent clamping force control.

With the new Intelligent Carton and Appliances Clamp i- MOVE model, Bolzoni Auramo offers its innovative solution to the excessive clamping problems.

The clamp includes the technical features of the new conventional carton clamp KS-C model, such as:
  • Very rigid frame structure with single
    piece double "T" profile. Wide visibility
    window thanks to new vertical plates position at the extremity of the frame. Narrow vertical plates. Superior visibility through the frame grants safe and easy handling operations.
  • New aluminium arm design with new high friction rubber lining, special Bolzoni design.
  • New check valve for simple and precise arm synchronism, easy fitting, new position in the upper profile shadow granting valve protection and high visibility of the structure.
  • New fixing system of the sliding pads
    to relief stress.
  • New self-aligning cylinder fixing to avoid breakage.

Intelligent Carton & Appliances Clamp<br />i-MOVE model
Intelligent Carton & Appliances Clamp
i-MOVE model
i- MOVE Intelligent model operates in a similar way as a conventional carton clamp, where the operator has full control of arm opening and closing, lifting and tilting. The main difference consists in the automatic clamping force selection controlled by the system.
  • The system is based on the detection of the type and configuration of the load through the volumetric analysis of the spaces occupied by the load. Values are measured by means of laser and ultrasonic sensors.
  • The control unit receives the detected data, identifies the
    Intelligent Carton & Appliances Clamp<br />i-MOVE model
    Intelligent Carton & Appliances Clamp
    i-MOVE model
    type and configuration of the load and compares them with a matrix database in the system created according to the customer information.
  • Based on these analysis the control unit commands a proportional valve that defines the correct hydraulic pressure in the clamping cylinders and therefore the clamping force necessary for the specific handling. This sequence takes place instantaneously.
  • All intelligent components are directly installed on the clamp.

The Bolzoni Auramo Intelligent Cartons & Appliances Clamp i- MOVE Series is the solution to the white goods handling problems, avoiding all damages to the machines and the packaging and allowing a safe, quick and easy handling of the load in any case of applications.

Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents it is able to satisfy all market requirements.

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