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Bolzoni Auramo Partner of the Material Handling Industry

Thursday, 31 May 2012 ( #567 )
In the current economic structure of the industry the importance of the loading / unloading operations and the internal material handling continues to grow. A variety of attachments can be mounted on the forklift truck carriage to make it possible to lift loads from the ground, to handle and to stack non palletized goods. Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has a complete range of attachments, conceived with the specific purpose of optimizing each specific handling: allowing forklift operators to enlarge the lift truck's application field, versatility and performances. Fausto Milanesi, Product Specialist at the Headquarter in Piacenza, offers his advice on how to choose the most suitable attachment for any handling requirements: "There are important advantages and savings obtained by handling loads with an attachment" says Fausto:
  1. lower human resources
  2. reduction of the handling times
  3. maximum stock spaces exploitation
  4. possibility to have non palletized goods with lower purchase and management costs
One example could be within the paper industry. Paper rolls weighing 3000kgs and more, picked up at the wrapping machine outlet or on the vehicle bed, can't be stocked in vertical and at high heights with the lift truck alone. This handling is made possible by the adoption of the appropriate revolving or tippling paper roll clamp. Fausto specifies: "When choosing the most suitable attachment for a particular handling it is necessary to take into consideration some elements, like the analysis and evaluation of the load factors, the analysis and evaluation of the working factors and the choice of the attachment". LOAD FACTORS
  1. Dimensions and weight of the load unit.
  2. Dimensions and weight of the "basic unit" of the load (for example a package consisting of several boxes, etc).
  3. If these data are variable, determine which are the minimum and maximum values
  4. Nature of the load unit (ex. paper bales, paper rolls, appliances, boxes, etc.)
  5. Presence or not of any packaging; determine nature and type.
  6. Attitude of the load to support pressures (from above, under and from the sides).
  7. Stability of the load unit.
  8. Determination of the fork knifing side or of the clamping side, in order to identify the real center of gravity of the load unit.
  1. Operation type: storing, machine feeding, vehicle loading/unloading, etc.
  2. Working place conditions: dusty or acid environment, etc.; asphalted ground, jerking. Work on the outside yard, inside the store, etc.
  3. Consideration on the lift truck on which the attachment will be fitted: i.c. or electric counterbalanced truck, reach truck, rough terrain, side loader etc.
  4. Number of cycles per hour.
"Some parameters allow you to identify the most suitable attachment for the handling case" adds Fausto. "Let's assume, for example, to handle waste paper bales. Focus the attention on the family of the parallel clamps, and more precisely on the bale clamp with strong ribbed or slim arms. The analysis of the above examined load factors allow to identify which is the attachment capacity, the opening range and the arm dimensions. The working factors of the clamp also define the size (or oversize) the clamp will have (bigger for harder working conditions). Now we are able to list the technical and dimensional features which the ideal clamp should have" continues Fausto. Before selecting the best attachment for the required handling operations, it is also necessary to consider the economical point of view. Only at this stage the final decision will be logical and effective" concludes Fausto. Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents it is able to satisfy all market requirements. For more information on Bolzoni Auramo products, please visit: our
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