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Greater versatility for enhanced productivity in warehousing and distribution

Thursday, 5 November 2015 ( #743 )
MZ Fork Positioner
MZ Fork Positioner
The recently introduced MZ-model fork positioner, with capacities ranging from 2500 to 3500 kg, is recommended for distribution, warehousing and logistic operations, and is designed to provide a practical solution for a variety of handling operations and pallet sizes. This fork positioner has a reduced weight and thickness. The fork carriers, operated by two hydraulic cylinders, allow the use of the original lift truck forks. No fork welding is required. The installation of different fork types is possible by a simple adjustment. The cylinders have differentiated diameters to ensure perfect synchronization of the fork movement. Original load backrests can be easily fitted on the fork positioner. The sideshift reduces the need for lift truck manoeuvring. Non-sideshifting version is available on request. The position of the forks can be adjusted from the driver's seat.
The easy use and excellent visibility of this versatile model, together with the typical advantages of fork positioners such as operator safety, productivity increase and product damage reduction, offer great benefits to the operator:
  • Easy fork spread adjustment directly from the lift truck driver seat;
  • Easier handling of pallets with varying dimensions;
  • Increased work safety, avoiding driver injuries caused by manual fork moving;
  • Reduced load and pallet damage;
  • Faster and more effective operation.
Like many other Bolzoni Auramo fork positioner models, the MZ-model fork positioner offers a wide choice of options and accessories, guaranteeing a successful combination to virtually any standard lift truck. This adaptability ensures that the fork positioner is a suitable product for all applications. Bolzoni Auramo is a Bolzoni Group brand. Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, forks and lift tables. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents it is able to satisfy all market requirements. For more information on Bolzoni Auramo products, please visit our website and send us an email, or contact the nearest Bolzoni Auramo representative. BOLZONI S.p.A
t: +39-0523-55-55-11 e: send an email w: sf: Visit Bolzoni Auramo ShopFront
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