Deloitte Canada unveils smart warehouse

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- 2 Feb 2023 ( #1113 ) - Montreal, BC, Canada
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Deloitte's smart warehouse experience
Deloitte's smart warehouse experience

Deloitte Canada has opened The Smart Factory @ Montreal, a first-of-its-kind facility showcasing an interconnected ecosystem of more than 20 cutting-edge solutions and technologies and intent on transforming manufacturing and warehousing through digital transformation.

“As Canada’s largest professional services firm, we care about the future of the country,” says Anthony Viel, chief executive officer of Deloitte Canada. “We believe that projects like this will fundamentally transform our economy - and society - and set Canada on a better path.

“We are proud to leverage our globally recognised expertise in warehousing and manufacturing to establish this unique and innovative facility. By combining Deloitte’s consulting expertise with valuable software and equipment donations from leading-edge sponsors, The Smart Factory @ Montreal is showing how Canada can lead in the fourth industrial revolution.”

The Smart Factory @ Montreal is designed to showcase the possibilities of automation to run production lines, efficiently store and move inventory, as well as track inbound and outbound shipments. In its first year of operation, the state-of-the-art facility is expected to draw hundreds of national and global business leaders to expose them to revolutionary ways of working in order to maximise efficiencies.

Geneviève Provost, managing partner, Quebec and National Capital Region for Deloitte, explains: “With increasing access to information, products, and services, consumers have come to expect a seamless and personalised experience throughout the entire buying journey. By implementing advanced technologies, businesses can improve their efficiency and speed of execution, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience by providing faster delivery times, accurate tracking and inventory management, and overall improved satisfaction. We are thrilled to have this facility located in Quebec, which is expected to attract visitors and business leaders from around the world and boost our local economy.”

The Smart Factory @ Montreal showcases solutions provided by Cisco, Cloudrail, Cosme, CPP, E2 Solutions, EYESEE, Finloc, GKC Architects, KPI, Noovelia, NuMove Robotics & Vision, Pacefactory, Packpro, RG Group, SAP, Siemens, TeamViewer and Vecna Robotics.

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UN Forklift is thrilled to announce that they have officially begun mass production and shipment of their highly anticipated V series lithium battery forklift.
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