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Help with email settings

If you're having trouble receiving the newsletter, or if our email gets trapped in your spam mail folder, it is likely due to email/spam settings, set either by yourself, your Internet Service Provider, or your workplace. mailings can get blocked for a number of reasons:
  • Certain mailings (eg. the newsletter) can be quite large
  • mailings can contain images and links
All mailings from are sent from, so the solution to most delivery troubles is as simple as adding to the whitelist (list of safe senders) of your email account. We will outline below how to get this done in the most popular email packages.

In the event that you continue to experience problems, you should contact your IT department or ISP. Restrictions may have been put in place on the size/format of the emails that are allowed through, so you will need to let them know that you would like to receive mailings.

Below are instructions on how to put on the whitelist of a few of the most popular email packages. If you are using a different email system, please examine your security settings. There will be a function where you can nominate email addresses that you always want to receive from. Place on this list, and mailings would more likely arrive at your inbox with no problems.
After you have added us on the whitelist, click here to send a test message from to your mailbox.

You can also contact us anytime for assistance.

Outlook 2003
Follow these steps to add to your Outlook safe list:

• Find an email from and right click on it. A menu should appear as below.

• Move the mouse down to the Junk E-mail option. New options should appear. Click on Add Sender to Safe Senders List.

• Click on OK. has been added to your safe senders list.

To ensure that mailings are delivered to your Gmail inbox instead of the junk mail folder, please do the following:

• Open your gmail inbox and click on Contacts

• Click on Create contact

• In the first field, labelled Name - type in
• In the second field, labelled Email - type in

• Click on the Save button. will now be in your Gmail accounts safe list.

You can add to your Hotmail safe list by following the instructions below.

• Once you have accessed your hotmail account, click on Options on the top right of the screen.

• Click on Junk E-Mail Protection at the top of the options list.

• Click on Safe List.

• Enter and then click Add. will now be in your Hotmail safe list.

To ensure that email are delivered to your Yahoo! Mail inbox, simply add to your address book.

• Once you are in your Yahoo! Mail inbox, click on the Addresses tab at the top left of the screen.

• In the menu that opens, click on Add Contact.

• In the Email field, type in You do not need to fill in the rest of the form.

• Click Save and will be in your Yahoo! account safe list. For more information about mailings contact:
Lyn Perrett – Email:
Fax: +61 7 3369 9096 - Phone: +61 7 3369 9090