Crown WAV50-84:
WAV battery display

bit of information on the wav BDI

the BDI will display a fault code
the code is counted from right to left
right most LED is 1
next LED is 2
next LED is 4
next LED is 8
next LED is 16
next LED is 32
next LED is 64
add all illuminated LED's , this is your fault code

Battery gauge not resetting or showing lower than expected
assuming your batteries are good
measure the voltage at the left front terminal board
terminal 2 white wire
must be within 0.5 volts of battery voltage
requires 25.6v to reset BDI (from memory)
most common cause of voltage drop here are plug connectors to service panel, keyswitch and mast cables
what we are doing is disconnecting the white wire and using the white wire to drive the coil of a 24v relay and taking a wire from the ED contactor through an inline fuse through normally open relay tips back to terminal 2 giving full battery voltage to the controller

hope this helps
  • Posted 29 May 2013 18:34
  • Discussion started by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia
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Thanks for the feedback.
  • Posted 2 Nov 2018 21:18
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
brush collector
Right motor.
Now the error of the left motor
I could not believe how the controller determines the motors
Motors case
  • Posted 2 Nov 2018 21:12
  • Reply by ilnur_t
  • Russia
If line contactor refuses to close it will be a blown mosfet in motor controller, they can be replaced by a decent electronics engineer. If you manually close the line contactor the motor controller will let the smoke out and pinpoint the fault... Ask me how I know! Normally it is a motor issue though.
  • Posted 2 Nov 2018 06:56
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand
Battery is a "stupid" component unlike the controller which is "smart". The controller checks the inputs and outputs on start up (measures resistance) and if the resistance is out of range he will declare a component faulty.
I would still concentrate on the motors. Both of them. They are very simple so open them up and blow them.
Check the brushes, if they are shorter then 8 mm you have to replace them.
Take the rotor out of stator and put one side into a drill and the other in the motor housing with the bearing. Spin it (like on a lathe) and clean the commutator with fine sand paper.
Try to connect the motors again.

If you still have an error you should check the lines to the controller and controller itself. It's possible to have an error here of course but that would be the first I heard of. When I had "right/left motor open" error it was always a problem with motors.

Please inform us what did you find when you finish the job.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2018 18:20
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Feel free to contact me at

But the motors work if connected to the battery.
+ - 24V
Engine resistance
0.9 Omh
0.6 Omh
I connected the lamps to the controller
Swapped the motors
Nothing helps
  • Posted 24 Oct 2018 14:39
  • Reply by ilnur_t
  • Russia
Basically it means you have an open circuit in right motor power supply. In most cases it happens between the brushes and the commutator. That's a common thing if the motors are neglected. Brush carbon dust has to be blown every once in a while otherwise it creates short circuits, burns and soot and makes the commutator go bad. Unfortunately once when these motors go bad they can't be fixed. You have to replace them with new type NEO motors. Search for info on this forum. You can machine the commutator and change the brushes but that will just postpone the change.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2018 04:09
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Feel free to contact me at
Hello to all. Help me to understand
Wawe 50 Controller CROWN MC-1CR
Error: "Open motor right"
Motors experienced on the straight they work.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2018 03:14
  • Reply by ilnur_t
  • Russia
I have a similar fault with a WAV50-84.
Where on this model is the Curtis connector for my hand controller?
Thanks in advance.
  • Posted 5 May 2018 17:10
  • Reply by Ssintoy
  • Victoria, Australia
Hey crownie, is the BDI relay mod officially sanctioned by Crown or just something you guys have taken it upon yourselves to do to solve the problem? I've done the same to a couple of WAV's here but when I talked to our tech office about it they just weren't interested :(

  • Posted 9 Aug 2013 20:34
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand
most likely a faulty motor
if you switch to tow mode on service panel and push truck forward and back then switch back to drive modde you should find a sweet spot where it will power up
motors are not the best in these and need more care
you will need to replace both motors
  • Posted 3 Aug 2013 09:44
  • Reply by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia
Hello All

We have a WAV with what seems to be an error 25 right drive motor open circuit.

is that a lose connection or something?

Frankly we seem to have had a lot of these errors is the WAV a reliable unit generally? I am in the market for another lifter is there other brands worth considering?
  • Posted 2 Aug 2013 18:50
  • Reply by charlie_s
  • surrey, United Kingdom
Hi Pat,
using the handheld scanner in tester mode what is the battery voltage
is the large plug to the MRC traction controller secure
what voltage do you have on ED contactor terminal closest to batteries
what voltage do you have on white wire at terminal board
  • Posted 30 May 2013 12:22
  • Reply by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia
Hi Pat,
does the trucks run slow (like when empty battery) or the speed is normal?
  • Posted 30 May 2013 08:03
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Feel free to contact me at
Hi Crownie
Thanks for this however I have full battery voltage at the terminal 2 white wire ,i have bypassed the key switch ,I have also configured this with the relay like you suggested but still i cannot get the battery display to read the battery,I know the display is good having tried it in another truck ,but on this truck it just shows the batteries as being flat ,no fault on the hand held anyliser,truck will drive but will not lift, presumably in lift interupt due to battery display,any other cheks that you can point me to
  • Posted 30 May 2013 01:19
  • Reply by pat_m
  • cork, Ireland

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