Toyota 8FGU18:
Very hard cold start

Have to crank long time several times to get lift to start. Once warm lift start easy. Happens every morning. Fuel lock off solenoid working & has been cleaned, LP fuel lines clean, no leaks. Battery is strong.
  • Posted 18 Dec 2012 13:38
  • Discussion started by NWLift
  • Washington, United States
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After sitting overnight and acting the way it is, I suggest you check the condition of the large diameter vapor hose coming from the regulator and spanning over to the metal pipe near the valve cover. These hoses will sort of "unravel" or split due the the robust vibrations of the engine.
A hose with a split in it can completely empty of all propane vapors after sitting overnight and the split will made it slow to draw fuel out of the regulator at cranking RPM.
You might have to remove the hose for a thorough inspection.
Are you pressing the accelerator pedal when you do your cold start?
If not, you may want to try holding the accelerator down while cranking as that can make it easier to draw fuel out of the regulator.
  • Posted 18 Dec 2012 15:31
  • Reply by L1ftmech
  • Tennessee, United States

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