Crown WAV50-84:
unknown fault code illumination

Hello everyone.

My crown wave recently underwent an emergency stop button replacement as it was snapped off.

Whilst awaiting the repair, the wave was left uncharged for a good amount of time (enough to ruin the batteries).
I recently had the batteries replaced and the wave now allows a log on (keypad not key) and it also starts up when accepted.

However, the wave cannot move in any direction. It is completely unresponsive.
I have checked the doors are shut, the panel is shut, it's switched to platform etc
Everything is absolutely in order. The wave itself has done nothing out of the ordinary and has literally just sat in a workshop awaiting the e-stop replacement. So nothing could've broken etc.

Now, the fault code I havi I THINK is fault code 37.
From the right to the left, the lights illuminated are the 1st , 3rd and 6th. (Is this 1, 4 and 32?)

I would greatly appreciate any help into what this fault code actually is telling me. As well as whether or not I've read the code correctly.

Once again that's illumination counting from right to the left, and the question mark symbol is illuminated along with a flashing spanner symbol. the beeps are... Beepbeep, beepbeep. And so on.

Thanks loads
  • Posted 20 Jul 2016 02:43
  • Discussion started by fiveskin
  • Essex, United Kingdom
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Thank you for that.
In the end I found the fault, I remembered the upper estop had been changed by an external tech fella.
He had made a mess of the cables in the grip and it thought it was set to full throttle.

Is there a full list of the codes available anywhere? cheers mate
  • Posted 25 Jul 2016 05:35
  • Reply by fiveskin
  • Essex, United Kingdom
Yep, that is code 37, drive throttle potentiometer out of range
  • Posted 22 Jul 2016 08:18
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand

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