Crown WAV50-84:
Traction Control POD

I had to change out a bad battery....I changed it OK, re-connected the charger to be sure all batteries were charged up (good to 25.3 VDC combined 6.1 - 6.3 VDC each).... I cannot lift the platform up and down...?? The Platform will lift up and down well in bypass mode from the front control panel switch.

I disassembled the the Traction Pod to check the switches; A-Okay? Checked the fuses; the hand sensor works correctly, the brake switches appear OK (they fault when foot is removed), the gate switches appear to be working.... What happened? Been all though the book's trouble shooting sections (Service and Parts Manual)... Need help, what am I missing?
  • Posted 25 Jul 2016 08:22
  • Discussion started by GR8t
  • Arkansas, United States

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