Toyota 7FBE18:
Tilt solenoid

Hi. I have a problem. The forklift won't' tilt back. There is a block just under the battery connector that has 3 hoses going to it. One from the back of each tilt cylinder and one goes to the valve bank. Underneath this block there is a solenoid and I think a hose going back to the tank. I cant find any reference to this block / solenoid in the service manual. (service manual does refer to a tilt solenoid under the valve bank but not this one) I have found that this solenoid has no power going to it when tilting forward or tying to tilt back. If I apply 12v to this solenoid and pull the tilt lever back then tilt back works. Solenoid coil is 10 ohms so I used 12v. The CPU wiring diag show a SOLT (tilt solenoid) and the colours of the 2 wires matches those indicated in the wiring diagrams but there is NO continuity on these wires between the CPU board and this solenoid so maybe the SOLT refers to the solenoid under the valve bank and the 2 wires happen to be the same colour?? Can someone confirm this solenoid under this block under the battery connector is in fact for tilting back and just lets the oil from the tilt cylinders return to tank or is it the solenoid under the tilt lever section of the valve bank that allows tilt back??
I suspect some of the wires going to the CPU unit from the hydraulics area have been damaged under the oil tank by the previous repairer.
Its pretty strange that that every 7FBE18 I have seen has this metal block and solenoid under the battery plug but there is no mention of it in the service manual. Any help would be great before I loose the little remaining hair I have.
  • Posted 15 May 2024 01:34
  • Discussion started by harry_hormone
  • Victoria, Australia
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