Installation tool for polyurethane U packing

Does anyone know of a tool that compresses the outside of the U cup so it will fit past the internal threads on a hydraulic cylinder without damaging the seal. We usually heat up the seal in hot oil and use a piston ring compressor but the steel is too thick and in order to use it the aduster is on the bottom. We have also tried plastic installation tools that are we got from Cascade Corp. but they are also too thick. I know someone out there has a better idea. Let me know.
  • Posted 17 Jul 2006 23:07
  • Discussion started by duodeluxe
  • United States
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I have packed a heck of a lot of cylinders by smothering the threads with grease and then pushing the seal past the grease. I push the rod away from the side of the seal I am trying to push past the threads and then push the seal down a little. I keep working the rod side to side and keep pushing the seal down a little more each time. It depends upon the design of the cylinder. This won't work on every cylinder, but it has worked many times for me.
  • Posted 21 Jul 2006 12:12
  • Reply by Liftdoctor
  • Indiana, United States
I have been out of the service area for many years now, but
we used to get old X ray film. It is a large sheet and would work
well on the old Clark multi-stage cylinders. The film will not
compress but will protect u cups from thread damage.
  • Posted 21 Jul 2006 01:29
  • Reply by LiftDuck2
  • Tennessee, United States
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