Nissan 30 No start after refill

I have an old nissan 30 forklift that ran out of propane the other day. I took the tank down to refill. The tank started to spurt liquid through 20% port at about 7 gallons. He closed the 20% port and put another gallon in it, before turning off the refueling machine and disconnecting.

I reinstalled the tank and no start. I thought he might have overfilled it, so I opened 20% **** until no more spray was coming out. Still won't start. I have 2 impco converters in series and both don't have the push button. I pulled the fuel output line at the carb and it starts and appears to continue while it is getting vapor but after a couple seconds liquid will come out of hose.

My guess is the converter is bad. Questions are was it caused by overfilling the tank? And what is the purpose of the 2 converters in series and how do I determine which is bad?

Any help will be greatly appreciated
  • Posted 18 Jul 2018 11:18
  • Discussion started by mark_n
  • United States
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It does have the neutral start switch. I have not tested voltage or resistance yet. But will do that next
  • Posted 24 Jul 2018 13:36
  • Reply by mark_n
  • United States
on your side issue,
when you check the starter wire for voltage while (it is disconnected from the solenoid) in start mode it should be no less than battery volts. A bad connection or intermittant connection in the circuit maybe?

Also does it have a neutral start switch on the transmission?
sometimes that switch will be tied into the starter circuit and if it has alot of resistance it can cause this issue.
I had a toyota do me like this and it about drove me nuts till i found that bad switch.
  • Posted 24 Jul 2018 01:48
  • Modified 24 Jul 2018 01:57 by poster
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
Great thanks
  • Posted 24 Jul 2018 00:22
  • Reply by mark_n
  • United States
Side issue,

For years it has had an intermittent starter issue. When turning the key you can hear the solenoid but starter won't start. So you keep turning key off and on and it will eventually start. I don't recall it being too bad, but I have burned through 2 ignition switches, to the point I just left the wires hanging out and would twist them together when needed (Idont use the forklift that much) I assumed the starter solenoid was bad

Since I had this fuel issue I decided to replace the starter and ignition switch while I'm at it.

Starter came in and I replaced, Teeth looked fine on the flywheel. It does the same thing. I have messed with the gear selector to make sure I'm in neutral. When its not in Neutral the starter won't even click so I know I am actually in Neutral when this is happening. I have semi traced the start wire down and I don't see it going to any other solenoids, sensors etc. When I jumper the starter right at the starter it seems to be OK.

Any clues? Maybe voltage drop? When I am hot-wiring it and it does it, I can feel the wires getting hotter like its pulling a lot of current?

In my Hot wire scenario I am only using 3 of the 4 wires on the ignition switch harness. Any idea what the 4th wire goes to?
  • Posted 24 Jul 2018 00:10
  • Reply by mark_n
  • United States
Honking like a goose is a sure sign the vaporizer is bad.
  • Posted 24 Jul 2018 00:09
  • Reply by mrfixit
  • New York, United States
I did check for that. I am getting fuel but seems too much. Also when the fuel is flowing like while cranking, Or when its refilling after I bled the pressure off it make a noise like a goose honking.
  • Posted 24 Jul 2018 00:00
  • Reply by mark_n
  • United States
nobody has mentioned another common problem that happens with LPG trucks.
I hate to mention this but it does happen, if the truck ran fine before the tank change and all of a sudden it wouldn't start back after changing the tank i would check a couple of things.
When you screwed the nozzle back onto the tank does it screw all the way back up onto the tank? Check inside the nozzles and make sure there is only a single round oring and one square dust seal ring in the tank nozzle and look inside the female nozzle on the truck and make sure nothing is stuck inside it, like a square round dust seal from another tank that might of came off and gotten stuck up inside it.

That would keep the nozzles from **** all the way back up together and therefore would not open the valves on the nozzles when screwed together. Therefore no LPG or not enough is getting to the system and it would not run correctly.

I know this seems very trivial but i've seen it happen too many times to NOT mention it.

of course if your getting liquid at the fuel line at the mixer then as others have said, check the vaporizer and filter lockoff.
  • Posted 22 Jul 2018 00:52
  • Modified 22 Jul 2018 00:58 by poster
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
Just luck of the draw I guess. Thanks guys for the help
  • Posted 21 Jul 2018 00:51
  • Reply by mark_n
  • United States
No, the convertors need rebuild or replacement periodically, it is a common problem with forklifts.
  • Posted 20 Jul 2018 20:32
  • Reply by mrfixit
  • New York, United States
Vaporizer is already on its way. Ill order the lockout also.

Do you think the failure was due to over filling the tank? It has ran perfect for the 3 or so years I've owned it until this refill

Thanks in advance
  • Posted 20 Jul 2018 12:48
  • Reply by mark_n
  • United States
replace them both, the vacuum lock off is also the filter.
  • Posted 20 Jul 2018 12:36
  • Reply by jeremy_s
  • California, United States
Hi Mark,
If you can see gas flow at the carb then sounds like the vaporiser has failed.You can replace that with an Impco cobra unit which are relatively cheap.
  • Posted 19 Jul 2018 17:42
  • Reply by simon_k
  • Devon, United Kingdom
I see now that I misspoke. One of the items I mentioned is not a converter but a lockout (VFF-30) which I assume is working as I am getting fuel to the carb but seems like either too much or too high pressure.

The second is a model J converter
  • Posted 18 Jul 2018 12:13
  • Reply by mark_n
  • United States

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