Looking for options 4-way/narrow aisle, wide forks

So we seem destined to stick with the BT fre270's/freflex we've replaced half our sichelschmidt 900's with, due to procurement cost.

There a bunch of manufacturers out here, so I figured I'd play the lazy card and ask here if there is someone who'd know of options to the following specs:

4-way reach/push mast with 1.8-2 meters between tines at max extention
2.5 tons capacity
5.8 meter reach height, at minimum (That's a detail that can be researched if i get some base models, at least)

And probably the most cruical point, has to be front facing seated, with exit from the driver position to the side (pointy end of tines being forwards :) )

We've tried such as the Jungheinrich variant, and, although it's drive system is brilliant. you sit sideways, which is unsuited for long goods, and frequent entry and exiting the truck in the aisles, particularly for those of us who are *cough* well built.

Area of operations is Building supplies, anything from regular pallets to Lumber, lengths up to 8 meters, though mostly 5,5ish. and for now, 13m lengths of gluelam, though we're discussing about dropping that from our service.


We got a couple of more sichels that are nearing their end of service, 10 years and failing batteries. So I want some options to my hardheaded boss...
  • Posted 25 Jan 2014 08:49
  • Discussion started by raymond_h
  • Aust-Agder, Norway
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A drag chain / wire is easily fitted - there was an official static strap option retrofit for wire guided VCE 150's so there will be a part number for that on the BT parts system somewhere.

RRE Reflex can also build up a lovely amount of static when the conditions are right, doesn't affect the truck due to the design but gives some of the operators a nice shock ha ha
  • Posted 29 Jan 2014 18:27
  • Reply by Forkingabout
  • england, United Kingdom
I'll try and snag the lead tech when he's around and inquire what he knows, or thinks. Though with the BT's and the 2 3t Combilifts we're having issues with, all from day 1, I personally am ready for something that works out of the box :)

Though we are a good choice for prototypes, with one of their workshops within walking distance..

I also need to get him onto the pointers you gave in that other thread. I'm quite certain our E127's comes from static as suggested, as it's been gone for a couple of weeks now, only reemerging on one day, when it got a bit drier in the air. we do not have a dragchain/wire mounted, guess none thought it necessary, since we got nothing that can get ignited by static. Flammable stuff? sure, but mostly in the form of 400 tons/800+M3 of timber/lumber/wood and who knows how much in sheeting
  • Posted 29 Jan 2014 08:47
  • Reply by raymond_h
  • Aust-Agder, Norway
I'd be tempted to contact BT Toyota & ask if & when the FRE 270's replacement is on the horizon.

Also sometimes customers with a large fleet of one type of specialist truck ( like you seem to have ) get asked if they would like to try out development prototype's.
  • Posted 25 Jan 2014 20:50
  • Reply by Forkingabout
  • england, United Kingdom

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