Hyster J40ZT:
Steering and Drive confusion

M# J40zt S# J160n02587d
Controller, ZAPI Dualac2&HP

One error code shows up on rare occasions. # 12 Low voltage to steer sensor I think.....

This unit during normal use even at full charge seems to get confused on how to control the operation of each drive motor. While driving straight on motor might decide to stop all together or start turning in a rev. direction as if it was being steered fully in one direction. The back up alarm does go off some times, evvvven though the direction is in FWD.

Steer POT. was replace and the problem did go away for a month or so.

The problem shows up mostly while going up a ramp in the warehouse.

Battery and charger have been fully inspected with no faults found.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas?

  • Posted 3 Dec 2008 11:51
  • Discussion started by rob_w
  • Alberta, Canada
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Dear Rob,

Alarm #12 is for EEPROM Config KO.
Each time that you replace or re-install the steering sensor or the chopper (Motor Driver). You have to connect to the drive by console and adjust the steering sensor for it. For Bi-Motor fork lifts, some times it could become damage driver of one side if the steering sensor is not adjusted correctly.
I do not know if you have solved your problem or not. But I think the best solution could be done by having a programming console and check and adjusting every thing step by step. Let me know if you need more info or details.

Best Regards,
  • Posted 22 Dec 2008 02:22
  • Reply by Ehsan_P
  • Tehran, Iran

Have you checked the motor encoder outputs?
They should be able to cause most of those symtoms.

If memory serves, they are 80 count encoders.
  • Posted 6 Dec 2008 07:43
  • Reply by mike_n
  • Alberta, Canada
I have a quick question to go along with your responce. Could you please explain the proper way to set up and learn the pot when a new one is installed?

Thanks in advance
  • Posted 6 Dec 2008 03:23
  • Modified 6 Dec 2008 03:23 by poster
  • Reply by JasonSpencer
  • Ontario, Canada
mack sure the wires to the steer pot are not under pressure when you close the panel lid.they can get hanged up on the power cables when the cover dropps down into position. also how did you setup the steering pot.
  • Posted 4 Dec 2008 03:51
  • Reply by kevin_k
  • dumfriesshire, United Kingdom

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