Side loader application

we are paling on using a 02 ton Electric side loader with roller guide system for an aisle of about 75m length.

the average material is about 2-3m length and max weight about 1500kg.

any pit fall in this type of application ? and ideas about the roller guide system ? any ideas as i am not very familiar with roller guide systems.

  • Posted 26 Jun 2011 20:58
  • Discussion started by nuwan_s
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
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MIMA forklift produce a battery side -loading forklift,maybe it's can reach your requirements,if you interested in that,pls contact with me: roger416(at)163(dot)com.
  • Posted 19 Nov 2012 17:41
  • Reply by Roger_Q
  • Anhui, China
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MIMA Forklift-www.mimachina.com
Roger416 (at)163(dot)com

1> Guide rollers are only used to guide equipment in aisle.

2> If your volume is high then , VNA with operator up will be best & economical solution.

3> Always prefer equipment who can provide after sales support.

4> With high reach & operator up travelling speed will reduce , however this is the best possible way to utillize ware house area.

5> only issue might be ware house floor area, as VNA requires absolutely flat floor..
  • Posted 1 Jul 2011 00:01
  • Reply by amitrawat_r
  • Haryana, India
Thank you all for the great advice,

1) wire guide is bit to complicated for the side loader but it is a great system i have seen some crown turrets with wire guide, relay practical. i totally missed the bottom rack.

2) rack ends to be open by gates or doors out of the building to eliminate rack end space requirement. back up plan is a issue.

3) im looking at BP side loader. i have worked with them in an other company.

but please explain to me further how the guide roller system works.
1) machine enters guides and you release the steering and it guide its self ? no steering lock or any thing ?
2) what about the traveling speed when you are in the guide system ?
3) safety issues where machine goes off track ?

Thanks in advance,
  • Posted 29 Jun 2011 03:11
  • Reply by nuwan_s
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
Who Makes the sideloader that you are considering

If we know this then maybe you will get more specific advice.

The system is fine the problems can be different for each manufacturer.
  • Posted 27 Jun 2011 21:45
  • Reply by Normandy
  • Co. Cork, Ireland
Side loaders are a great way to reduce your aisle width. The limitations that you need to concern yourself are (I am assuming the side loader your are talking about has a mast that will only extend side ways typically on the right side of trucks):
1. The amount of space required for a turn aisle possibly at each end on the rack system. This extra space takes away from your aisle space savings.
2. If the rack dead ends against a wall then the side loader must back down the aisle to service the other side..
3. If only one side loader is available for use - what do you do when the machine is down for repairs - sometimes it can be down for a long period waiting for repair parts (even during the warranty period). Does the dealer have a rental unit to keep you up and running? This is an issue with any VNA equipment (Very Narrow Aisle), tri-loaders, Bendi's, Flexis (articulated forklifts), turret types, etc. You need a back up plan.

Forkingabout comments are also very valid.
  • Posted 27 Jun 2011 03:08
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
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Roller guide can be fine BUT it can also be a problem with using the bottom locations in the racking along the aisle.

Have you also thought about a wire guidance system?

Basically you have a slot cut in the floor down the middle of the aisle, feed the wire along this & then cover it with resin to protect it.

There is a small electrical box both ends of the wire connects to that provides the signal & also houses a back up battery in case of an electrical power failure.

You would also need to drill the holes for the in aisle magnets at each end of aisle & also the end of aisle safety magnets.

Both systems have different + & - points to think about.
  • Posted 27 Jun 2011 02:27
  • Reply by Forkingabout
  • england, United Kingdom

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