Yale GLC050TGNUAE082:
Shutoff after aprox 33 seconds

After giving our machine a washdown, it now shuts off approx 30-35 sec every time after starting it up. Doesn't matter it it is idle or you are driving it.

There is a sort of high pitch whine by the dash, even after starting it up and though that the was odd and we did find a broken fuse and once replaced the house went away after starting up and the machine stayed running Fri. But.... I just went back to try it again, after the weekend , and same thing. Cuts off after like the 30-35 sec and can still heard that noise (if it means anything) and all fuses are good. So trying to figure out the cause.
  • Posted 28 Feb 2023 06:37
  • Discussion started by Todd_Sherman
  • New Jersey, United States
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Are you saying it's potentially an undercharged battery issue?
  • Posted 10 Mar 2023 13:43
  • Reply by Todd_Sherman
  • New Jersey, United States
Hello please try a good charged jump box i had one that would do that because it was not charging high enough 13.4 i believe was magic number. it was unbelievable to me but a good find let me know if i am right please
  • Posted 10 Mar 2023 02:39
  • Reply by stillworkin
  • New York, United States
Check multi plug on oil pressure sender , sometimes they come off.
I assume no codes displayed on dashboard?
  • Posted 6 Mar 2023 04:56
  • Reply by Mick_lewis
  • Ontario, Canada
It's strange cause it only happens when you hear the noise. I think ther noise is a little piezo speaker under the dash. Again you hear this same sound when you turn the key to just on. On startup if it goes away no issue. if the sound is still going then will shutoff after the time. Unless that solenoid is going bad and in turn works some time and not others. hmmmm
  • Posted 4 Mar 2023 08:31
  • Reply by Todd_Sherman
  • New Jersey, United States
Well, with any luck things will dry out and you'll be good to go. That high pitched whine doesn't ring a bell but an LP truck shutting off after 30 seconds is a common sign of fuel starvation. The truck will run until it uses up the fuel that was in the lines then dies.
You might also want to try another LP tank just because it's easy to do.
Good luck with it.
  • Posted 4 Mar 2023 08:21
  • Reply by lumberjack
  • Maryland, United States
So another update. My warehouseman a little while ago and tried again and the machine started right up and no high pitch noise so knew it would be fine. I went back there and turned it off and tried again and no issue. I shut off and tried jiggling wires under dash. I also tried moving the wires attached to the LPG Solenoid and ran just fine. I will say that the high pitch noise is the same you hear when you just turn the key to the ON position (Not start it up). In the on position you hear the sound from the hours meter running and this high pitch noise as well from under the dash area. But on startup if the high pitch sound continues, I know it will cutoff. If the noise immediately goes away upon startup then machine will be fine. Not sure what else would it could be and obviously intermittent. Unless some relay or something is failing. Can't be anything still wet since this machine was washed out back on 2/21, when this all started,
  • Posted 4 Mar 2023 07:29
  • Reply by Todd_Sherman
  • New Jersey, United States
Yes its an LP Truck. I just went back there with a multimeter. So, As soon as I start it up this time, the high pitch noise under the dash went off shortly after I started it up. So.... of course I knew this would run find and not shut off. This is what happened to me the other day. The meter tested OK with voltage at around 12.9. But, then I turned it off and tried again. This time the high pitch noise under the dash kept going and I knew this was gonna cut off again around 30-35 sec as usual and sure enough it did. The Solenoid was getting the 12.9 volts while running and still after.
  • Posted 4 Mar 2023 05:20
  • Reply by Todd_Sherman
  • New Jersey, United States
On Hysters and Yales the important information is the first letter & three numbers of the serial number.
Is this an LP truck? If so, a cut off after 30 seconds sounds like the fuel shutoff solenoid isn't allowing gas to continue flowing after the starter circuit disengages. Maybe check voltage at the solenoid during crank and during run. It needs to have voltage to run.
  • Posted 3 Mar 2023 02:04
  • Modified 3 Mar 2023 02:07 by poster
  • Reply by lumberjack
  • Maryland, United States

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