Crown RC3020-30:
Shaky takeoff/cuts off when turning

I recently bought a used rc3020-30 and noticed some possible issues. This is the first electric Crown i've owned so i'm not sure how major/minor these issues are.
First, when initially taking off foward or reverse it will shake pretty bad for an instant but then drive fine once it gets going.
Second, I have noticed that when turning/pivoting from a stalled position it will just cutoff randomly. The forklift will stay on and I can use the hydraulics to move the forks as normal but it wont drive. I have to switch the key on and off and it will run again.
Third, the battery status meter only marks half way even after i've left it for a full charge.
I'm thinking that these issues all may be tied to a faulty battery pack but i'm really not sure. I know I will probably need to give more information but if someone can toss a few ideas that would help.
  • Posted 19 Jan 2010 04:16
  • Discussion started by Drod_Houston
  • Texas, United States
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I have same rc3020-30 ride on...when turning right and sharply to the right the unit just quits!! did anyone ever find out what was causing the same similiar issue with the guy above......thanks for all you guys help here
  • Posted 6 Feb 2019 22:39
  • Reply by kingkuality
  • Ohio, United States
you should check the fuses for each motor happened to me blown fuse hoppe this helps
  • Posted 29 May 2010 20:35
  • Reply by squidman
  • Rhode Island, United States
the cut off is caused by micro switches under the floor by the steer wheel, they are sticking remove and clean or replace micro switches. We have this problem often
  • Posted 21 Jan 2010 02:10
  • Reply by ntlift
  • Iowa, United States
does the "random" cut off happen in a particular turn and or direction?
  • Posted 19 Jan 2010 10:32
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"
Firstly, I hate to ask, have you pulled the battery or checked the water in the cells? after that give it a full charge, equalize even then load check the battery and individual cells if needed.

Yes, eliminate the battery first.

The cutoff from a standing turn could be turn switches or anything involved with motor shutoff/not shutting off, along those lines, but check the battery and its output fist and report back.
  • Posted 19 Jan 2010 07:54
  • Reply by richard_c
  • California, United States

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