Crown WAV50-84:

Hello to all. Help me to understand
Wawe 50 Controller CROWN MC-1CR
Error: "Open motor right"
Motors experienced on the straight they work.
splay information
BDI Light code
BDI display Blinking
Wrench Light Blinking
Handset information Message RIGHT MOTOR OPEN
Vehicle information
Alarm Repeatedly 2 quick beeps
Effect on vehicle Shall not Power Up
Code information
Explanation Right motor open circuit at Power Up
Possible cause
- Wiring to the right motor is open
- Right motor is defective
  • Posted 24 Oct 2018 03:37
  • Discussion started by ilnur_t
  • Russia
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You were right !!!
brush collector
Right motor.
Now the error of the left motor
I could not believe how the controller determines the motors
Motors case
  • Posted 2 Nov 2018 21:10
  • Reply by ilnur_t
  • Russia
Continued based on your reply on other topic..

Battery is a "stupid" component unlike the controller which is "smart". The controller checks the inputs and outputs on start up (measures resistance) and if the resistance is out of range he will declare a component faulty.
I would still concentrate on the motors. Both of them. They are very simple so open them up and blow them.
Check the brushes, if they are shorter then 8 mm you have to replace them.
Take the rotor out of stator and put one side into a drill and the other in the motor housing with the bearing. Spin it (like on a lathe) and clean the commutator with fine sand paper.
Try to connect the motors again.

If you still have an error you should check the lines to the controller and controller itself. It's possible to have an error here of course but that would be the first I heard of. When I had "right/left motor open" error it was always a problem with motors.

Please inform us what did you find when you finish the job.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2018 20:35
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Service technician.
Feel free to contact me at
Basically it means you have an open circuit in right motor power supply. In most cases it happens between the brushes and the commutator. That's a common thing if the motors are neglected. Brush carbon dust has to be blown every once in a while otherwise it creates short circuits, burns and soot and makes the commutator go bad. Unfortunately once when these motors go bad they can't be fixed. You have to replace them with new type NEO motors. Search for info on this forum. You can machine the commutator and change the brushes but that will just postpone the change.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2018 20:34
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Service technician.
Feel free to contact me at

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