Crown SP3020-30:
Picker will no move forward or in reverse, Lifts and lowers

Crown SP3020-30 Serial # 1A1718xx
Lifts and lowers, but will not move.
Displays wrench symbol and GATE on display.
Seems to power up fine. When I try to go forward or reverse, it displays BRAKE. I step on the plunger to release the brake. I then try to go forward or reverse, it displays GATE. Side gates are down. The tow/drive switch is in drive. When I move it to tow, I see the brake on the motor move and and hear a click. When I step on the plunger to release the brake, should I see and hear the same thing that I do when I move the tow/drive switch to tow? Under normal operation when should I see the brake on the motor release? Any ideas what happened? Previous owner said the battery died and he parked it. On the display the LAST=208. I assume this is an error code....

  • Posted 8 May 2024 14:29
  • Discussion started by John_123
  • California, United States
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You can always test voltage coming from the ecr2. It should go up and down as your turn. If it is static or has no voltage then you know it is bad. These lifts should be fine to sit long periods of times in semi clean environments (no major partials or high humidity. I've personally never seen contact cleaner fix an issue, just prevent one from happening
  • Posted 10 May 2024 10:31
  • Reply by DyslexicNerd_01
  • Wisconsin, United States
Thank you for the quick response. Is there a way to test the ecr2 or steering module to see which one is actually bad? I don't have another one to swap parts. The brake module has a green light lit, but I did not notice any lights on the other ones. I could try cleaning the connections with contact cleaner. The lift has been sitting a few months due to a dead battery.
  • Posted 10 May 2024 06:52
  • Reply by John_123
  • California, United States
You should only hear the brake release when steping on the brake pedal and attempting to move. If it displays gate when trying to move, id recommend checking the gate switches as even if the gates are down if a switch is bad, it can make the lift think the gates are up.

Event code 208 is a due to a steering self test failure. When starting up the lift, it should move the steer wheel, which will make a noise and move the lift slightly. The code pops up either because the steering motor is wired wrong, there is a bad ecr2 (steering encoder), or a bad steering module. This code disables all travel functions but still allows lift and lower functions. With these older lifts sometimes when codes disable functions they will throw other messages on the screen that mean nothing. I recommend looking into the steering motor to solve event code 208.
  • Posted 10 May 2024 02:51
  • Reply by DyslexicNerd_01
  • Wisconsin, United States

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