Yale NRO45EBNM36TE138:
No tilt reach or side shift

Maybe someone can help me l got this job after a Yale dealer was working on it at the customers location. With no luck.what was happing was when you turned the key on all controllers were coming up no cap charge. I installed a new ifb. board the truck came back on line it now runs but my problem is l have no reach tilt or sideshift the truck has no fault codes as l can tell at the dash. l checked the can line hi and low ok l checked all coils working you can here them when you use joy stick is it possible that with the software that you could shut it off l can't get into dash as dealer changed password any help would be thankful.
  • Posted 2 Oct 2022 07:36
  • Discussion started by Scott_
  • Pennsylvania, United States
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Thanks for getting back to me l checked mast cable ok l have no aux pump what l think is the problem is internal problem in top of aux motor l am going to pull motor and have checked. thanks for your help.
  • Posted 8 Oct 2022 10:46
  • Reply by Scott_
  • Pennsylvania, United States

When trying aux functions, do you here the pump kick on? If so need to check over the mast cable for any damage. Verify all fuses are good on the new fuse board. May have blown when installing due to bad wire. Verify all connections and good at the mast and carriage. Not knowing what has been checked or done before, hard to troubleshoot. Good luck
  • Posted 7 Oct 2022 06:19
  • Reply by garland_m
  • Virginia, United States
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