Crown WAV50-118:
No lift from platform.

I tried posting this yesterday, I guess it got lost in cyberspace somewhere. Anyhoo..
I am a tech and I have a crown wave that won't lift from the platform control. It lifts just fine from the base switch. It will also lower from the platform if you have used the base switch to raise it. This is not a model I typically work on so my reference info is limited. It's not setting any codes, but the battery light flashes all the time, although the battery voltage is good. Pulled the handle off, verified power at the switch and power coming out when the switch closes. I cannot find the circuit at the bottom end though. I have a schematic, but the wire numbers don't correspond to the schematic. It also drives very slow and sluggish which I think is a separate problem with the drive motors. I have the curtis handset but there is no parameter to monitor lift request. The harness is my suspect, it is completely obscured by the telescopics. I thought I might be looking at a charger issue, but the battery voltage remains good, even under load and when you use the base switch the thing lifts like a rocket. Any help is appreciated.
  • Posted 11 Mar 2022 13:53
  • Discussion started by Wrenchtamer
  • Washington, United States
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bit of information on the wav BDI

the BDI will display a fault code
the code is counted from right to left
right most LED is 1
next LED is 2
next LED is 4
next LED is 8
next LED is 16
next LED is 32
next LED is 64
add all illuminated LED's , this is your fault code

Battery gauge not resetting or showing lower than expected
assuming your batteries are good
measure the voltage at the left front terminal board
terminal 2 white wire
must be within 0.5 volts of battery voltage
requires 25.6v to reset BDI (from memory)
most common cause of voltage drop here are plug connectors to service panel, keyswitch and mast cables
what we are doing is disconnecting the white wire and using the white wire to drive the coil of a 24v relay and taking a wire from the ED contactor through an inline fuse through normally open relay tips back to terminal 2 giving full battery voltage to the controller

hope this helps
  • Posted 16 Oct 2022 08:15
  • Reply by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia
There's a BDI modification kit to for to old wave 50's. It's a pretty simple install process of a relay and and few wires, this then by passes the current can bus feed to the BDI. I'll dig out the part number for the mod kit as I've fitted loads of these and never had any BDI issues again.
I agree, also try to plug in the charger for 30 seconds to a minute and then unplug and turn the key switch on fast to reset the bdi
  • Posted 1 Sep 2022 20:30
  • Reply by Fixit
  • Ontario, Canada
Voltage flows through the Keyswitch; if it is old, has not been replaced in a long time, there will be high resistance within the Keyswitch & that will decrease voltage to the BDI.

I suggest that you install a new Keyswitch, then watch the BDI after you close Keyswitch.

The batteries could be very weak, very old & might need to be replaced.

The maintenance free batteries that crown installs in the WAV only last about 3 years.
  • Posted 12 Mar 2022 13:06
  • Reply by LaGrange
  • Missouri, United States
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