Yale ERP040THN36TE082:
Need help with Yale error code 245.

Hey guys, I've been troubled by this 245 error code on my companies Yale lift for about 4 months now. The little wrench on the dash flashes (obviously) and the "P" for park stays lit up as well. I do not know much about these machines, as I just wing it pretty much as I do enjoy working on them. But I do not have any resources availble to me, so hopefully you can help.

The serial number to the lift is: F807N02867C

It drives really slow when turning left or right, but when driving in a forward and straight motion, it does fine.
  • Posted 25 Feb 2015 08:09
  • Discussion started by clayton_b
  • Delaware, United States
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i need to changed the speed if any body can help us ??
You should see 60 ohms across the can hi to can lo at the diagnostic port. If you are seeing 120 ohms you have lost one of the termination resistors. Check the one under the seat deck.
  • Posted 7 Feb 2019 01:51
  • Reply by BREWSKI
  • Nebraska, United States
hello nero ,
I have ERROR CODE 245 on hyster J1.60XMT 48VDC With ZAPI DUAL AC2&HP on dash display"MASTER NO RECEIVING MESSAGE ", i check at A7 and A22 PIN of DASH DSIPLAY (removing the plug at dash display) The VALUE IS KOHM
I PUT AGAIN THE PLUG TO THE DASH DISPLAY, imeasure with multimeter there is a value of 124 ohm. I check all wiring of CAN H CANL continuité is ok(between 120ohm resistance,Zapi controller,PCsocket). IT CAN BE DASH DISPALY PROBLEME?
  • Posted 5 Feb 2019 19:44
  • Reply by bouzid_m
  • algerie, Algeria
Hi Clayton,

It would appear that the master controller is not receiving Can messages from the dash display.

1 start checking it out by checking all your fuses are ok and secure.
2 ensure all connections are secure at fuse panel, key switch and battery disconnect switch.
3 check condition of main contractor and pump contactor if equipped with contacts.
4 check termination resistor at dash display wires A7 and a22. Should be 60ohms.
5 check resistance between CANH and CANNL wires at traction controller should be 60 ohms.
6 Check CANNL, and CANNB+ and B- are not shorted to earth or frame of truck.
7 Check CANNL and CANNH Are not shorted to B-or B+.
8 Check the Canbus wiring for loose connections or damaged wiring.
9 If the truck is equipped with electro hydraulics option, check for continuity between the hydraulic mounting plate.
10 if you have ETACC software you may be able o carry ont ETTAC TESTING.

  • Posted 26 Feb 2015 07:38
  • Reply by NER045
  • North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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