Mitsubishi FGC15:
Late 80s Mitsu FGC15 LPG No Fork Movement

Hello, I've got what I think is a late 80s, maybe early 90s?, Mitsubishi FGC15 truck (serial AF81B-51651) that's got a 4cyl engine in it. Hasn't run in 5+ years but "ran when parked". Fresh tank of LPG, put a new battery on it, and the darn thing started up! Drive feels fine, good throttle, but noticed my side shift cylinders have a leak. Where it'd sat there was a stain but wasn't giant, maybe about 8in diameter. I used it for about 15 minutes to get some stuff down from up top but noticed that lifting the mast, it was moving really really slow. Tilt seemed OK though, but is less volume for movement. Side worked but leaked. Adding throttle helped a little but not much on the mast. Over that 15min period though, I was losing ability to lift the forks after lowering back down. Got what I needed moved, parked it. 3 days later (today) I started it up again to move something. Still have drive, but now I don't have ANY movement from the forks. No mast lift at all, regardless of throttle. No tilt, and no side shift either. Nothing. I checked the hydraulic fluid level, seems OK (at the N), however it looks a little milky. This thing has been stored/parked inside for 5+ years but prior was parked outside. Engine oil seems fine, as does what appears to by transmission fluid (smaller stick under foot panel near throttle). If it had water in it and had separated sitting for those years, and I ran it, surely it'd already had contaminated oil run through it before it was parked inside. It worked for 15 minutes, but faded off, and now nothing. Not really sure why it'd work initially but not now. Maybe a plugged filter (don't even know where it's at to check). Any recommendations on what to do from here? I can't find a manual for this thing anywhere. I have no idea what I might pay, even ballpark, to have someone come service it either. Any ideas on who I might call in Indianapolis, IN if I decide not to mess with it myself?
  • Posted 31 May 2024 13:22
  • Discussion started by Wolfe_Wild
  • United Kingdom

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