Crown SP3020:
"Gate" comes up on display---No forward or reverse

I have 2 Crown SP3020's displaying gate when attempting to trave. Of coarse the gates are closed and gate switches are working.

1st unit shows wrench display and gate when attempting either direction of travel. Also the brake is engaged. I have changed out the distribution board with no help.

2nd unit works fine forward but shows gate (no wrench) when attempting travel in reverse.

Anyone have any ideas.
  • Posted 24 Feb 2007 10:05
  • Discussion started by jcomtrader
  • Oklahoma, United States
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This is way after the fact but ran across this. Can be confusing. Always check the codes with the service switch. Right now I have one shutting down due to an encoder problem. When the steer control shuts down the truck and you try to throttle, it shows gate cause it prevents a relay from letting those signals get to the ev100. The module communication isn't seemless and can be confusing.
  • Posted 23 Jul 2015 05:40
  • Reply by justinm
  • New York, United States
New York, New York its a heluva know that The Bronx is up..and I'm Brooklyn down
Check connections on lower right side of the logic card. seems to always be my problem on this truck.
  • Posted 2 May 2015 08:04
  • Reply by proshadetree
  • Tennessee, United States
I am having some issues similar to this the truck I am working on is a SP3000 it was having intermittent issues changed out distribution board was running good for 3 months now when asking for travel Gate shows on display but when ever you depress the dead man pedal the K3 relay starts to engage but goes crazy due to getting only 9voolts to the coil I have tracked the wiring on it and the power is coming from the thermistor in the brake module changed it out and I am still having the same issues I am wondering if any one has any ideas. also the brake coil has been swapped out all connections to the control card as well as the distribution board have been checked I checked for any shorts in the over mast cables all check out ok. no codes are being thrown at all on this unit.

thank you fort any help
  • Posted 2 May 2015 05:34
  • Reply by kacey_t
  • Colorado, United States
Before replacing any other parts, jumper the gate switch and test drive the machine a few days. it's connection is on the right, on top when you open the motor doors. You can test the switches but they fail under usage, over bumps. Just plug the connectors into each other. Switch kit is both switches and harness. Battery acid take them out.
  • Posted 28 Oct 2013 13:25
  • Reply by EasiTek
  • Ontario, Canada
check connections on lower left side of the card. I dont remember the exact terminals but two are bad for acting up. I solder a jumper on the card and then tag them in to the plug at the wire connections to prevent trouble in the future. most times they will discolor a slight bit to alert you of the ones that thy are.
  • Posted 20 Oct 2013 01:53
  • Reply by proshadetree
  • Tennessee, United States
you may also find that the brake module can overheat and give you the "gate" code. "gate" is actually a translation of the same as a code 01 on the EV100 card, meaning some of the early startup/static return to off functions have not yet been made. some NACCO products give a "turn key off" code for the same type of code. I have also seen the k2 relay give the same code.
  • Posted 18 Oct 2013 09:59
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"
Might be ailttle late for a response but has this happen yesterday.

Check the PCZ connection on the EV100 card. I unplugged and plugged in the PCZ connectors a few times and the unit I was working on started driving and has not had a problem since. Also check the K1 & K3 relay contactor tips.
  • Posted 18 Oct 2013 00:45
  • Reply by tomas_s
  • Bahamas, Bahamas, The

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