Toyota 5FBE15:
Forklift doesn't drive. no steering. lift Tilt work OK.

My Toyota 5FBE15 after shory stop doesn't drive anymore. There is no faultcodes on display and steering doesn't work too. But lift and tilt work just fine. 2 fuses in front panel are OK. Battery is charged. Anyone please advice where to start to troubleshoot? Also maybe someone could share a service manual and users manual for this forklift?
Email: jonas. loda (et) gmail. com
  • Posted 4 Feb 2014 01:13
  • Discussion started by Jonas
  • Kaunas, Lithuania
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did you fix this already? you have a bad parking brake switch... parking brake switch open when intended to release the parking must check it or you can connect the two wires in parking brake trouble shooting do the basic first.. lol God Bless
  • Posted 12 Apr 2014 16:45
  • Reply by forkliftcity
  • cebu, Philippines
don't bite the hands that feed you!
I have checked the main contactor panel and fuses are ok.
Do you know how the main contactors are activated? Are they activated directly from the forward/reverse selector next to the wheel or through the circut boards?
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this forklift? It is dificult to trace anything when you don't have one :)
  • Posted 4 Feb 2014 04:05
  • Reply by Jonas
  • Kaunas, Lithuania
you will want to find the control panel/contactor panel and check the main buss fuses to see if the drive fuse is blown.
This would be a large buss fuse located on a panel inside where the contactors are.
The last toyota unit i worked on like this the panel was located on the left side of the truck near the bottom behind a removable cover. Some of thier trucks have a swing down panel on the lower half.
  • Posted 4 Feb 2014 01:40
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
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