Crown SP3020:
Error code 57

Hi, I'm new here but I've researched on this forum before.
Lately I've encountered this error code 57 on my Crown SP3020; the machine can lift up/down, but unable to move forward/reverse.

Some research on the topics here found me 2 threads, both which leads to finding faulty traction fuse.

However i've done the following checkings:
1. Traction fuse is ok. Took it out for continuity test which registers it at <1ohm.
2. Serviced the drive fwd/rvs contactors with new contact points
3. Checked the drive motor, no fault.
4. Cross-checked with a good working machine for the Steering, Brake and Power (the one with many wires) panel, all works.

I'm really stumped, I hope you guys can help me out.

  • Posted 8 Aug 2014 21:48
  • Discussion started by kinwai
  • Selangor, Malaysia
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Putting your voltmeter on each end of the fuse next time. Quick and simple way to test fuse as you should see no voltage on a good fuse except for a.2 volt drop at the most. FUSES DO PARTIALLY BURN and Crown techs are instructed to test for fuse weakness by checking voltage drop. Some may have 1 volt drop, and that will cause issues. Ohmeter test on a fuse is useless
  • Posted 19 Aug 2014 13:44
  • Reply by EasiTek
  • Ontario, Canada
we've finally solved the issue. one of the buss fuse were burnt.

machine is finally operational. :)
  • Posted 13 Aug 2014 02:26
  • Reply by kinwai
  • Selangor, Malaysia
We've swapped it over, and surprise surprise, it works ><

one last observation we've made:
1. when the cables are connected to the motor, moving forward/reverse doesn't put contactor into place.
2. however when the cables are disconnected, the contactors will toggle accordingly
3. probing at the respective cables will give a measurement of ~25V when moving forward/reverse.

Our hypothesis is that perhaps there's a short somewhere along the traction signal's path. It is such that when traction is triggered, the signal travels elsewhere than to the contactor and towards the motor.

btw we've also checked the yellow and green wires from the drive sensor into port 12 & 13 of PSZ. All seems to be in place.

We'd really appreciate if you guys have any input/suggestion, as we're totally out of it..
  • Posted 12 Aug 2014 10:11
  • Reply by kinwai
  • Selangor, Malaysia
when you check that traction fuse is important to test voltage across rather than a continuity test...but I dont think that is your problem.If you have another sp3020 around try swapping the traction motors then let me know what happened!!
  • Posted 11 Aug 2014 13:20
  • Reply by cubapnea
  • Florida, United States
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