Cat Lift Trucks (& Caterpillar) 2EC25:

Getting a code 29 on this unit, it has the micro command system, fwd and reverse contactors were replaced due to being burnt, still code 29, no fwd no reverse, when hitting the accel pedal the line and corresponding directional tips close, code does not appear until pedal gets near full throttle, truck does not travel at all no matter how much accel pedal input, what should i be looking for? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated, and i would be more than happy to share any info needed on any raymond lift truck, thanks.
  • Posted 17 Nov 2011 14:36
  • Discussion started by Donnie
  • Louisiana, United States
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Having the same problem. Doesn't seem to be regen. cont. Looking for someone with a book on this subject. Please help.
  • Posted 28 May 2015 21:16
  • Reply by jim_v
  • Michigan, United States
Check you regen contactor. Run self test and grab the contact tips. The contator will be very soft when it applies and it won't hold if you pull on it. I don't know why it loggs a speed sensor code when this contactor fails but it does. If you are looking at the pannel, the regen contactor is on the far right. Good luck
  • Posted 21 Jan 2012 01:29
  • Reply by mfctech
  • Ohio, United States

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